Writer’s Block- #daydream #inspiration #writersblock #mindwanders #randomthoughts
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Ramblings of Someone with Writer’s Block

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Writer’s Block- #daydream #inspiration #writersblock #mindwanders #randomthoughtsWriter’s Block- #daydream #inspiration #writersblock #mindwanders #randomthoughtsI have had a small run of writer’s block and it is frustrating knowing there are topics out there but nothing comes to mind. I sit and stare at my ceiling hoping something will cross my mind that is worthy of a blog title. That is usually how inspiration hits me. Letting my mind wander until it drifts onto something good.

Today is not one of those days and no matter what crosses my mind it isn’t a blog topic. I’m thinking about my hair appointment this afternoon, which I am very excited about because it has been months since I felt like going. Dreading my eye doctor appointment on Thursday morning because lights always trigger a migraine (I will be blogging about that on Friday). But Wednesday’s blog topic continues to hide in there somewhere.

I think about our trip to Washington DC that is coming in September. Remembering that I need to start getting a week ahead on my blog posts so I will be ready. Yeah, really? Brain…You can’t even come up with a topic for tomorrow why are you worrying about 2 months from now?

Then my mind drifts to what I want for dinner tonight and nothing sounds good. Probably just spaghetti since it is my husband’s favorite and it is easy.

Writer’s Block- #daydream #inspiration #writersblock #mindwanders #randomthoughtsSo, I lay here listening to the faint sounds of thunder in the distance and let my mind wander. I have decided that it is okay to show that I don’t always have a perfect blog topic. I want the blog to be a reflection of me and today this is who I am.

Today, I have a mind that can’t concentrate and is wandering all over the place. There are no Earth shattering blog topics in my head to excitingly type before I forget it.

Could it be that my mind really is FROZEN?

How do you handle writer’s block?

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The Ramblings of Someone with Writer’s Block - #writing #blogging


  • Janita

    Love this! As I am currently going through a HUGE writers block right now. I also have this idea, I think I’m just gunna ramble and hope it helps. Did you find this post helped you think of other ideas??

  • Kate

    I’m sure your mind is not frozen 🙂
    This question might come off as very naive, but I’ve always wondered why some of my fellow bloggers try to stick to a precise schedule. I feel like it adds a lot of unnecessary pressure. Am I missing something, though? Is a blogging schedule the secret to success and no one is telling me about this?!

    • Jen Cannon

      I set a schedule to keep myself accountable. Consistency is important so I try to maintain that.

      My blog is about my life with chronic illness so I guess it could be considered a lifestyle blog in a way. So anything in my life is a topic but the Problem is that I am home alone a lot and have no real life outside of my illness. So it limits my range of topics.

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