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Aging and Migraine…

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Each day of the World Migraine Summit I will be picking one of the day’s topics and giving a small review.

This was an interesting topic and Dr. Allan Purdy; Professor of Neurology, Dalhousie University, Canada gave an amazing talk about aging with migraine.

The discussion was based around how Migraine can change as you enter each season of life. I found it very interesting that migraine hits its hardest during what is supposed to be your most productive years…the thirties, forties and fifties.

He talked about how hormones can effect the severity of migraine but was also very careful to remind that men also follow these same patterns. This means that although hormones effect migraine it is not the cause of migraines.

I did find it very interesting, and a little disheartening, that typically migraine will go away once someone hits their eighties. Although, I guess this is hope but I am 45 and I am far from that magic age.

Today’s topic schedule focuses on understanding what Migraine is and learning about different types of migraines. Come back tomorrow as I pick another topic to discuss.

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