When It Won’t Go Away - #migraine #chronicillness #pain
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When it Won’t Go Away

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Yesterday , I had one of those Hemiplegic Migraines that made me text my husband to come home from work. The pain was a 9 with spikes that were much worse. I couldn’t see out of my right eye, my right arm wouldn’t work and in trying to get my medication I dropped it. Fortunately, my oxygen was working properly. I laid there with my oxygen going, trying and failing to focus on breathing. Every pain spike left my body tensing up to the point that I couldn’t move most less breath. The more spikes I had the sicker I got.

My sweet husband gave me my medicine and held me tight through each spike until the medicine kicked in. He gave me a fresh drink and something to eat then tucked me into bed. He also picked my medicine up that I had accidentally sent crashing to the floor. He reluctantly went back to work and I went to sleep just knowing the pain would be gone when I woke up.

Two hours later, I knew the pain was still there before I even opened my eyes. I laid perfectly still hoping it was a bad dream…it wasn’t. Well, I will eat lunch because that really might help…it didn’t. When it was time, I took more medicine hoping it would do the trick…nope, still there!

I used every thing I knew to try…still there.

When It Won’t Go Away - #migraine #chronicillness #painSo, what do you do when the pain won’t go away? Today, I curled up underneath my favorite blanket on my bed. I listened to some documentaries I had found on youTube (yes, I am a geek) on my phone really low and I just tried to rest and I took some naps.

Nothing has really helped the pain though. What do you do on those days when the pain just won’t go away?

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  • Char

    Oh my goodness, that sounds awful! I absolutely hate headaches. I’ve had a few migraines in my life, every couple of months I guess, but on those days I’m just useless.

    I stay in the dark. Sound doesn’t affect my headaches, but light definitely does. No screens. Or dimmed right down with sunglasses on if I can tolerate that.

    Pain killers. Lots of water. Cold compress for my head. Self massage my head, neck and shoulders. Stay in bed. Pray. Cry myself to sleep…

    My chronic pain from ME has reduced drastically with a ketogenic diet, but I’m not sure what one can do for migraines apart from waiting it out. Glad your husband could be there for you.

    Sending gentle hugs.

  • Me

    The answer for me was to learn to accept it as part of my life. That came in a few years of it. And i think it’d come with either spirituality, journalling, or therapy… it was a process of grief for me- grieving the loss of my formerly normal life. So it wasnt quick, though i state it in a few lines.

    At first i thought sleeping thru the worst would help, but with nerve pain, its actually impossible- with any drug. Plus thats no way to live. And for me, the times of bad pain were affecting my attitude BETWEEN flares, bc of anxiety about them– whereas, after coming to accept the pain, my attitude is better.

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