What Life Used to Be

What Life Used to Be

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In order to explain what has been taken from me, I must explain what my life used to be.

At one time I had a sarcastic wit and loved to make people laugh. I sang on the praise team at church and was heavily involved in the women’s ministry at church. With 2 grown kids, 2 grown step kids and 6 step grandchildren…I could always be found at a sport depending on the season…baseball,football, tball, softball…you name it. I also loved to cook…and did a lot of cooking! I also owned my own virtual assistant business and I had 7 clients that I managed websites for, did social media marketing and graphic design. My business allowed me to work at home and I loved it!

You see, before I was surrounded by these 4 walls…before I barely had energy to walk from bedroom and living room without a break…before my dark cave bedroom was my safe place, I had a full, happy life.

What happened? Hemiplegic Migraine took most of it away.

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