What my life was before chronic illness took over. - #chronicillness #migraine #chronicmigraine #hemiplegicmigraine #thefrozenmind
chronic illness,  Hemiplegic Migraine

What Life Used to Be

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In order to explain what has been taken from me, I must explain what my life used to be.

At one time I had a sarcastic wit and loved to make people laugh. I sang on the praise team at church and was heavily involved in the women’s ministry. With 2 grown kids, 2 grown step kids and 6 step grandchildren. I could always be found at a sport event depending on the season…baseball, football, tball, softball…you name it. I also loved to cook…and did a lot of cooking! Before I got sick, I also owned my own virtual assistant business and I had 7 clients that I managed websites for, did social media marketing and graphic design. My business allowed me to work at home and I loved it!

What my life was before chronic illness took over. - #chronicillness #migraine #chronicmigraine #hemiplegicmigraine #thefrozenmindBefore my illness took over, my husband and I did things together. We shopped, traveled and just enjoyed time spent together. Now, the time we spend is with him taking care of me. I can’t go to movies because they trigger my Hemiplegic Migraine and I don’t have the energy to shop. Although we have managed to make the adjustments needed, it has brought a different element into our marriage. I am most definitely blessed to be married to such an unselfish man.

Planning things was fun and getting together with friends was a common occurrence. I liked having Super Bowl parties and inviting family over for shrimp boils. I enjoyed sitting by my fire pit for hours and feeling the sunshine on my face. Road trips and Caribbean cruises were always discussed and planned.

What Changed in Life?

You see, before I was surrounded by these 4 walls…before I barely had energy to walk from bedroom and living room without a break…before my dark cave bedroom was my safe place, I had a full, happy life.

What happened? Hemiplegic Migraine took most of it away.



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