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The Weather is Trying to Kill Me

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Weather and Migraine - #migraine #chronicillness #headache“The weather is trying to kill me”, this is a statement that I have repeated many times over the past two weeks. I know that it sounds like a crazy statement based on irrational paranoia but it isn’t, I promise. I do realize that the weather can’t kill me but it most certainly can make my life miserable.

The past few weeks has been a proverbial barometric pressure roller coaster. The changes in pressure send me into my migraine cocoon and there is nothing I can do about it.

Weather Related Migraine Product Review:

MigraineX earplugs #weatherrelatedmigraine #weather #migraine #headacheI tried the MigraineX earplugs a week ago on a day that saw a lot of pressure changes. They are made by the same company that makes Earplanes earplugs and are used for pressure changes experienced during airplane travel.

I know a couple of people that have found some real relief while using these so while I was skeptical, I was also hopeful that it would help.

Inserting these correctly is definitely important and you can feel the pressure change in your ears when you get it right. I am sure we have all experienced that feeling that your ears need to pop and the relief felt when they finally do. That is exactly how it felt! Because of this I was very excited that it was going to help.

The instructions say not to wear them for more than 2 hours at a time. I was able to manage 45 minutes before the little nagging headache got worse and became a full migraine. I am going to try them again and leave them in for less time.

Here is my take on The MigraineX earplugs:

  1. They did change the pressure in my ears. I felt the change so this claim is absolutely true. The key is properly inserting them.
  2. They did not keep my migraine from getting worse. Again, I am not sure if it would have prevented the migraine if I had not already had a headache when I started using them. The company claims that it will prevent weather-related headaches.
  3. The app that is supposed to be used to alert you of pressure changes doesn’t work like it should. This is an app for your phone that is supposed to alert you so you know when to put in the earplugs. This concept is great but the execution isn’t as straightforward. I set the sensitivity to 0.08 because I am very sensitive to pressure changes. I watched the pressure from another app and never received any type of alert on my phone even though I should have. The app is still on my phone and I received 1 notification that was 2 days late.

Final thoughts:

I am still undecided about the actual earplugs. I think they may be useful if used when the pressure starts changing. That is where the problem lies…the app that is supposed to tell you doesn’t work properly. Because of that the earplugs can’t really be tested the way that I would want to. I have emailed the company that makes this product and they have responded. They are working on a fix for the app issues.

Weather and Migraine - #migraine #chronicillness #headacheAs with any treatment for migraine, what works for one may not work for others. If you experience weather-related migraine, I recommend giving these a try. If you do and you figure out the issue with the app, please let me know!

As these dog days of summer continue and as summer afternoon thunderstorms and high humidity are daily events, I am pretty sure my weather migraine symptoms will continue as well.

What do you do for your weather-related headaches or migraine?

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  • Ranelle

    Hey Jen! Im sure you’ve probably heard this one before, but in SCUBA we need to equalize or pop our ears all the time due to pressure changes. There’s a really easy way to do it and its just blowing **lightly** against pinched nostrils. It will force your ears to pop but shouldn’t hurt them as long as you don’t blow to hard or too long 🙂

  • Francesca

    This is an interesting product, personally I didn’t know such a thing existed and I definitely suffer from pressure-related migraines (even if they are getting slightly better changing food habits). I also suffer enormously when it’s very hot and humid like these days…. Too bad they don’t really work, I wonder if something could really prevent these horrible migraines. Thanks for the review!

  • Bree

    Hi…The weather really does affect the way we feel. When I lived in a cold town…and a cold house, I really thought at times the cold and the wind were out to get me. I was the sickest I had been in a long time…Pinned and tweeted also.

  • Alyssa

    I totally understand about the weather. I am pretty sure it is trying to kill me as well. It has been in the 90’s and higher for way too long! I firmly believe these crazy temperatures are causing my migraines and fatigue! I really hope the annoyingly high temperatures ease up for you really soon!!!

  • Zack

    Good write up. I have tried everything except cannabis to relieve my migraines. The only thing that has seemed to help was the ketogenic diet.

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