Washington DC Things to Do - #Travel #WashingtonDC #NationalMall #VietnamMemorial #WWIIMemorial #KoreanWarMemorial

Washington DC Things to Do

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There are several other things that we did on our trip to Washington DC that I feel need a mention on the blog. The monuments, restaurants and museums that we visited definitely deserve to be mentioned.

Washington DC Monuments

On our second day of our vacation, we visited the monuments at the National Mall. This is a beautiful park area that is full of statues and monuments that represents some of the most important historical moments in our country.

Below you will find a slideshow with pictures from the Vietnam Memorial, Korean War Memorial, World War II Memorial and the Washington Monument.

There are several monuments that we did not see. This was mainly because it was very hot that day and I had to pace myself so I would be sure to make it to the World War II Memorial. From an accessibility standpoint, the elevator was broken at the Lincoln Memorial so I was not able to visit this monument.

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Washington DC Things to Do - #Travel #WashingtonDC #NationalMall #VietnamMemorial #WWIIMemorial #KoreanWarMemorialOther Activities

We also visited the National Museum of the American Indian and the National Museum of American History.

To be quite frank about it, the Museum of the American Indian was a disappointment because the displays were lackluster and it was obvious that they were trying to avoid and excuse the treatment of the American Indians.

The Museum of American History is enormous and we were only able to make it through half of it. The sections on the American Wars were very well done and I was completely in my element. I highly recommend this museum to everyone!



Our favorite restaurant in Washington DC was, hands down, Grillfish Restaurant! I can honestly say that I have not throughly enjoyed a meal this much in a really long time.  The atmosphere was laidback but the food was first class all the way! The staff was attentive, friendly and we never wanted for anything. The food was absolutely incredible! The flavors for each dish were distinct and pleasing. This restaurant is one of my favorites ever and if I do return to Washington, DC this will be the first restaurant on the list!

Accessibility to this restaurant was not a problem and even the restrooms were easy to use with wide doors and plenty of room to manuever. Check out some pictures below of our food!

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Because of my issues with energy due to my chronic illness, we spent most evenings resting in our room. One thing that we used several times for our evening meals was Postmates. It is a meal delivery service and it enabled us to have Five Guys Burgers and Fries and Chick-Fil-A delivered to our room.  When we signed up for the service, they gave me a code to share that will give $100 credit that will cover the delivery fees. Use the Code CNPV1 to get this credit.

We also ate at &pizza and the USDA Cafeteria and had good experiences there as well.

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