Walmart Grocery Delivery saves time, money and makes life easier if you have kids or an illness that prevents you from shopping. #GroceryDelivery #ProductReview #ChronicIllness #SAHM
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Walmart Grocery Delivery Review

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I enjoy sharing products and services that I enjoy or find useful. In this post, I want to share my experience with Walmart Grocery Delivery.

I used to love shopping for groceries but because of my Chronic Illness and my lack of energy, I have not been able to do that in a very long time. Several stores have started pick-up and delivery services and I decided to try out the Walmart Grocery Delivery Service last week.

I need to say that this is not a paid review and I purchased my items. So the information here is unsolicited and 100% my unbiased opinion. After my items were delivered, they did email a link to share with anyone. This link will give you $10 off of your first grocery delivery or pick up order!

How Does Walmart Grocery Delivery Work?

Walmart Grocery Delivery is as easy as any online shopping experience. You look up the items that you need and add them to your cart. After you have all of your items picked out, you will choose pick up or delivery. Then you will choose the time you want it delivered or that you want to pick up at the store. You finish by checking out and paying for your items.

How Much does it Cost to have my Groceries Delivered?

Each time slot throughout a day has a price ranging from $7.95 and $9.95. I chose the cheaper time slot. I can’t guarantee that these are the prices for every location but this is what it is for my local area.

Honestly, it is worth it to me to spend around $10 for someone to do my shopping, bring it to me and unload the items! It really isn’t a bad deal and the grocery items are not marked up like they are in other grocery delivery options at other stores.

Why Would I Use Walmart Grocery Delivery?

Although my reason for using this is because of my Chronic Illness, I couldn’t help but think back to when my kids were little. Grocery shopping with 2 kids wasn’t fun and was inevitably more expensive. This service would be great for moms with younger kids!

Stay in Budget!

One of the hardest things about grocery shopping is staying on budget. It is too easy to walk the aisles of the store and lose track of the amount you are spending. With this service, the amount is updated every time you add an item!

You can order on the Walmart website or use the Walmart Grocery App (Apple and Android).

I pick out my items as I discover that I need them and put them in my cart. This is essentially my grocery list and it is perfect because my list is also a great way to make sure that I am within my budget.

If you want more tips about managing household finances, check out my friend Heather at Penny Steward Mama. She shares some amazing tips and does a monthly budget challenge to keep you on track each month!

How was the Quality of My Items?

The meats and produce that I ordered were of great quality. When I placed this first order, I tried to order a wide range of things to get a feel for the quality of items sent. I was pleased with everything that I was given.

What about Dietary Restrictions and Substitutions?

I have some dietary restrictions that required that some of my items not be substituted. This is easy because you can select what items can and cannot be substituted. I selected that I didn’t want any of my items substituted.

A few of my items were not available so they were deducted from my total and I was not charged. If you don’t mind substitutions, you will not be charged extra if the alternative brand is more expensive. I think that is an awesome benefit!

Delivery Experience

I chose to have my Walmart Grocery Delivery arrive between 10:00 am and 11:00 am. I assumed they would arrive closer to 11:00 but I was really surprised when my doorbell rang at 10:01 am!

The gentleman that did the delivery was very nice and asked me where I wanted him to put my items. He was not allowed to enter my home so he put them just inside my front door which was perfect.

My Overall Experience with Walmart Grocery Delivery

Overall, I am excited about this service that is available to me. I was extremely happy with the shopping experience on the website. I was also pleased with the quality of the items I received. My plan is to order my groceries every Thursday evening to be delivered on Friday morning.

Is Walmart Grocery Delivery Right for You?

Whether you are a busy mom, someone who works full time or someone that is unable to grocery shop, this service could be perfect for you! Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be time consuming anymore! Putting food in the house within your budget doesn’t have to require hours spent penny pinching in the grocery store.

If you are trying the Walmart Grocery Delivery or the Pickup Service, use this LINK, to get $10 off of your first order!

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Walmart Grocery Delivery saves time, money and makes life easier if you have kids or an illness that prevents you from shopping. #GroceryDelivery #ProductReview #ChronicIllness #SAHM
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  • Julie / The Mom Suvival Guide

    Hi Jen! I currrently use a different service that is not delivery but pick-up. I usually have a problem with my meat being really close to expiration or my fruit not being exactly as ripe or unbruised as I want it. Maybe I will give Walmart’s service a try, seems like they may have trained their people better! Thanks for the review!

  • Cheryl

    I have picked up several grocery orders for a friend of mine that has health issues. I find that it works very well. I pull in one of the designated parking spaces and they bring the groceries out and load them in my trunk. Doesn’t get much easier than that. I tried to tip the person last time. It was so cold out and I wanted to show some appreciation to them. But, I was told they are not allowed to accept tips. I would recommend it. Great review. I will let my friend know that delivery is also a good option for her.

  • CarlyBloggs

    I love online grocery shopping! My only issue is that the people who pick it in store aren’t as picky as I am with fresh food. I quite often receive mouldy fruit and veg. It does make life so much easier though.

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