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My Tired is Tired

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We have all heard the saying, “My get up and go, got up and went”. What if you didn’t have any get up and go to start with? It left so long ago that you don’t remember having it and you most certainly don’t remember it leaving! I also have no clue where it went or how to find it.

Most people battling a chronic illness also have extreme fatigue. Fatigue is so much more than just being exhausted. Fatigue will never be cured with an afternoon nap or a good nights sleep because you wake up just as tired as you went to bed…no matter how well you sleep.

This fatigue feels like a 1000 lb. weight is chained to your leg. Even with that extra weight, that no one else can see, everyone expects you to keep up because you “look okay”. So you try…some days you do pretty well but you pay for it the next day or the next week. Some days you fail miserably and you totally crash as your body leads a rebellion against you.

Unfortunately, this fatigue can make symptoms worse and because you are tired your body has less to fight with. It is a vicious cycle that appears to have no end. It seems that no amount of rest is enough.

Tired, exhaustion, self care, chronic illnessI have a new saying that sums up how I feel since my get up and go left and didn’t return. “I’m so tired My tired is tired”. Yeap, that’s right! My tired is layered with hundreds and sometimes thousands of layers of tired!

I know it isn’t very original and that I am most likely not the first person to use it. But there are days when this describes me so well that I can easily claim it!

What words or sayings do you use to express your fatigue?

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