There is a Purpose in the Journey - #mentalhealth #chronicillness #overcomer #strength
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There is a Purpose in the Journey

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I share some difficult things about my journey on my blog. I share about my chronic illness called Hemiplegic Migraine, how it has turned my life upside down and how it has effected (or is it affected…my, how I hate those 2 words!) my family. My story is much deeper than my illness and lately I have found myself wanting to share parts of it on my blog. I believe that everyone’s story has value, including mine. I also believe that every journey has a purpose.

My close friend, Brenda told me nearly 20 years ago that I am supposed to write my story. Actually, she has continued to remind me through the years. She has always believed that is the purpose in my journey. What she probably doesn’t know is that I have felt that calling on my life long before she told me.

So, when I started my blog I felt like I was answering a calling that had been there for a long time. The problem is that I only answered it half way. I am telling my current story and there is nothing wrong with that. The part that isn’t being told is what made me strong enough to face today’s challenges.

I had two different bloggers make statements to me this week that opened my eyes to the problem of only telling half of the story. One person told me that I am always so positive and the other told me that it is amazing that I know myself so well. The statements took me aback because that hasn’t always been the case. Leaving out the first part of the journey gives an impression that I have always been strong, positive and happy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

How to start at the Beginning of the Journey

It would be easy to start out sounding like the first paragraph of David Copperfield and say something like, “To begin my life with the beginning of my life, I record that I was born…”, but that doesn’t seem like the way I should begin.

That has been my problem the whole time! I don’t know how to start and I have tried many times. Nothing ever seems to capture the journey in a way that shows the strength within the story. I do not want my journey to be recorded as a diatribe of whining sessions because there is strength, perseverance and courage within that pain.

I have made a decision regarding how I will share these parts of my life. To put it simply, I am going to just start. I am not going to concern myself with it being in order. Instead, I am going to focus on the lessons learned now as I look back at the events.

There is a Purpose in the Journey - #mentalhealth #chronicillness #overcomer #strength

It is important to me to have hope shown in the midst of the chaos and to help people through my journey. This will mean some hard days of writing and it will definitely mean facing the fear of sharing these stories that has stopped me many times before. But I am going all in…it is time to show the true strength in my journey.

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