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The Trigger That Can’t Be Avoided

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Weather...The Migraine Trigger that Can’t Be Avoided - #migraine #migrainetrigger #trigger #weather#chronicillnessI changed my diet to avoid the nitrates, MSG, CHOCOLATE and certain cheese that are triggers for my Hemiplegic Migraine. You know, those things that can keep me in the dark cave for the rest of the day. I have tried to learn new ways to handle stress and I have given myself permission to take naps and rest when needed. Of course, I take my medications just like I am supposed to and I follow my Doctors instructions to the best of my ability.

I do absolutely everything I can to avoid the things that make life harder.

There is just one trigger that I have not figured out how to avoid…weather! Weather is one of the most common migraine triggers. The Barometric Pressure can be your friend or your biggest enemy. One sharp drop or rise in a short period of time can leave my body in turmoil, my vision filled with bright and dark spots, my voice and arm not functioning and my head splitting open.

I often ask where I can go where there is no weather. Guess what…no where. This is the trigger that I can’t escape. So what do I do on days when the weather forecast serves as a warning of a possible bad day?

  1. I make a plan, decide how I will handle it if it does turn out to be a bad day. Then I plan a comforting meal to be put in the crock pot so I still feel like I accomplished something. And make sure I have an Audible book in case my eyes can’t handle looking at screens. I do absolutely everything I can to keep myself from feeling out of control.
  2. I give myself permission to feel bad. This may sound counterproductive but this means that I don’t have to hide how I feel. It is okay to have a crappy day if it is indeed a crappy day. It is okay to feel frustrated.
  3. I TRY to keep from deciding it WILL definitely be a bad day just because the forecast sucks. I am not as good at this one as I should be but I am working on it. Rain in itself does not mean a bad day.

These steps make me feel like I am in control. Even though something may happen that is completely out of my hands.

It is dreary, rainy and chilly today. What am I doing? I am out of my cave and sitting on the couch in front of a warm fire. I refuse to drown in my fear of what may happen.

How do you handle days when the weather turns against you?

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