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What is Status Migrainous?

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Saturday night I made that dreaded decision to go to the ER. My Hemiplegic Migraines were coming every 2-3 hours. Another words, as soon as I would get over one Migraine another one would hit. It is like riding a roller coaster that will not stop and let you off. In short… I was miserable, my body was tired, my brain was exhausted. I had used every rescue method in my “toolbox”…nothing helped. This phenomenon has an official medical name, Status Migrainous.

Status Migrainous are the dreaded words that a lot of migraineurs don’t even know about. The basic definition is any Migraine that lasts more than 72 hours but a lot of this depends on the type of migraine a person has.

Let me explain. I have Hemiplegic Migraine which means that paralysis comes just as the pain hits. The paralysis will go away although the head pain may stay. In my case, the head pain typically lasts a couple hours. On a normal day I might go through this cycle 1-2 times a day. Well, some days are much worse. Starting on Friday my episodes were coming closer together and by Saturday I was 2 hours apart. The pain was an 8 on the pain scale with spikes that were 9 that were not going away. The waves of paralysis just kept coming. Lifting my head off the pillow was a chore and walking the the restroom became nearly impossible. I knew I was very close to being Status Migrainous which has required hospitalization in the past.

Status Migrainous, status migraine, migraineSo, I go to the ER for some IV fluids and medications. The in about 7 hours later I leave feeling much more like a normal person than when I walked through the doors. The day after I was tired but I felt much better. It was worth the trip!

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