• Phantosmia means smelling things that are not there. It is also called an olfactory hallucination or phantom smells. Phantosmia is considered to be part of the Aura phase of a Migraine, the phase that precedes the headache phase. #Migraine #PhantomSmells #Phantosmia #OlfactoryHallucinations

    Migraine Explained: Phantosmia

    It can easily be said that during my Migraine Attacks that my sense of smells is heightened. I smell things that no human should be able to smell. Basically, my nose is better than a coon dog on a great hunt! But what happens when there is no signs of migraine and the things you are smelling are not there? Well, that is a whole different thing entirely. Welcome to the world of Phantosmia!

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    The Truth about Phantom Smells

    One of the Migraine symptoms that my husband and I are able to find humor in is my ability to smell the strangest things before a migraine. This phenomenon is called Phantosmia, Olfactory Hallucinations or in simple terms, phantom smells. Basically, it means smelling things that are not there. It sounds strange but it is actually fairly common for migraineurs to experience. This symptom is part of the Prodrome phase of a migraine (the phase before the migraine actually begins). If you are able to recognize them, they can be a warning sign for the looming Migraine. My most common smell is fresh baked Blueberry Muffins. No matter where I was…I would…