• Arnold Chiari Malformation is a condition in which brain tissue extends into your spinal canal. #ChiariMalformation #Chiari #ChronicIllness #NeurologicalDisorder

    Chronic Illness Spotlight: Arnold Chiari Malformation

    Chronic Illness Spotlight is a series in which different illnesses are highlighted and a Chronic Illness Warrior that lives with the illness is featured. In the last edition of Chronic Illness Spotlight, we learned about Crohn’s Disease. In today’s edition we will learn about Arnold Chiari Malformation and will feature Zosha Faith.

  • Power in the Story guest post featuring Pamela from There is Always Hope - A Journey Through Chronic Pain with volunteer work! #GuestPost #ChronicPain

    Power in the Story: Pamela from There is Always Hope

    .This week our Power in the Story featured blogger is Pamela from There Is Always Hope and she also runs a second blog called A Chronicle of Hope. The fact that she runs 2 successful blogs should tell you right away that she is a powerhouse! She writes about her experiences with Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue and Invisible Illness and has been published on The Mighty website discussing her issues with Trigeminal Neuralgia and having an invisible illness. Living in Langford, BC, she is  an active volunteer with the Patient Volunteer Network, an organization in British Columbia that gives ordinary people the ability to have a say in how healthcare is delivered in…

  • Sound, chronic illness, migraine,Hemiplegic Migraine, invisible illness

    I Sound too Good to be Sick

    When you have a chronic illness, many things are said to you that seriously make you scratch your head. I realize that the majority of people are well-meaning and are not meaning to hurt feelings or frustrate. They simply are not aware and are trying to help. Their heart is in the right place and you know it. There are those that provide suggestions for treatment that are actually meant to be divisive. Like they are somehow trying to “trip you up” to prove that you aren’t really that sick. These are the truly annoying ones that make you want to step onto your soapbox and shout to the world…