• When you have a Chronic Illness, it is best to make simple goals rather than elaborate ones. Here are my simple goals for February using the prompts from A Chronic Voice. #Goals #ChronicIllness #February

    Making Simple Goals When You Have Chronic Illness

    When you have a Chronic Illness, life can sometimes be messy and complicated. It is hard to make plans and it is even harder to set goals. It is important to make simple goals that are more short term rather than long term goals that are more elaborate. The writing prompts from A Chronic Voice always seem to fit in perfect with my focus each month. So, I have been using them as a way to make simple goals each month. It has worked perfectly because they give me a starting point each month.

  • Now that the action plan is set, it is time to get started! I like this different approach to the normal New Year resolution. It allows room for improvement for many facets of my life. #Goals #ActionPlan

    Making an Action Plan for 2019

    As 2019 gets started, I decided not to make a resolution for the year. For some reason it just seems that I never keep them. I decided instead to set the standard for my year. These are not really goals but it is more like an action plan. Developing an Action Plan I was thinking about making an action plan for the year when the monthly prompts from A Chronic Voice came out yesterday. These prompts were the perfect way to develop the plan for my year! I love it when something you are looking for just comes right when you need it. If you are not familiar with the…

  • Using the energy you do have in strategic ways will allow you to get more accomplished. #ChronicIllness #Exhaustion

    Getting the Most of the Energy You Have

    Most people can relate to there being too many days left at the end of a paycheck. When you are in that situation, you have to pinch every penny to make it to the next payday. It is very similar when you have a chronic illness and you have too many hours left after the end of the energy.  Planning is the most important part of making the most out of the energy that you have. Nothing is worse than running out of energy. When I hit my wall, it is not pretty and always includes a physical collapse and hours of recovery.  Getting the Most Out of the Energy…

  • Trying to accomplish too many things at one time is a recipe for anxiety! #goals #laddertheory #anxiety #mentalhealth #success

    The Ladder Theory: How to Tackle Life One Thing at a Time

    A few years ago. my daughter was having severe issues with anxiety. She had just turned 18 and felt like the world was coming down around her. She thought that she had to have her entire life figured out. There were too many things to focus on accomplishing at one time and it was paralyzing her. This is when the “Ladder Theory” was born. I was sitting on her bed and she was completely distraught because she was so overwhelmed with all of the things that she thought had to be done right now. I wish I could take credit for what I said but honestly, it just flowed out…

  • June 2018 Wrap Up and a secret project!

    June 2018 Wrap Up

    June 2018 was an amazing month for the blog and on social media. My goal for June was to have 1500 views on my blog, 300 followers on Twitter, 300 on Pinterest and 200 on Instagram. I am amazed at the numbers because those goals were blown out of the water! I am not going to list them all but the one I am most proud of are my blog views. ❗BLOG VIEWS: 5,946❗ I am sincerely thankful to everyone who has dropped by and left comments, shared a post in Twitter or Pinterest! That number is more of a reflection of all of you than it is of me!…

  • It is important to push myself so I can gain back some strength and energy.

    The Art of Knowing How Hard to Push Yourself

    I have been tapering off of my last seizure medication and I have not been feeling well because of it. I have been requiring a lot more rest during the day, having headaches that are not migraine related and having some major stomach issues. To say that the process of weaning meds isn’t fun is an understatement! It is important to push myself so I can gain back some strength and energy but it is easy to cross the line and push too hard. How to push yourself without pushing too hard: Set small goals for each day. My goals are probably seen by others as not even worthy of…