• When you have Chronic Pain, some days are just hard to get through. These are some things that I just to make my worst pain days a little better. #ProductReviews #ChronicPain #Migraine #PainRelief

    Products I Use on my Worst Pain Days

    My life with Chronic Migraine comes with many ups and downs. I have a Migraine attack almost everyday and this brings with it the need for comfort. Whether it be my favorite blanket or something soothing to listen to, there are several products that make my worst pain days seem bearable. This isn’t the kind of information I want to keep to myself. I want to share these and I hope that you find these things as useful as I have. I also hope that you also find some relief on your worst pain days.

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    Comfort Food & Rice Krispie Treats

    This week has been dreary, wet and cold. What is up with that? It is April for crying out loud. Easter has passed and even my mother says I can wear sandals now. But no…the weather that gave us 80 degree days in February is giving us Winter in April. All of this dreary weather calls for some major comfort food and something sweet. And after the high pain weekend, I was starving! Since my mornings tend to be the best time of the day, I usually cook supper in the mornings. Sounds weird but hey sometimes you just have to go with the hand you’ve been given. Well, I live…