• How to Have & Keep a Joyful Attitude - #positiveattitude #choosejoy #positivity #selfcare #chronicillness

    How to Have & Keep a Joyful Attitude

    Having a joyful attitude comes easy on days when everything is right on track. But on days when the medication doesn’t seem to work or when the walls feel like they are closing in, it can become easy to be weary and restless. During weeks in which the Barometric Chart can show others how rough the migraine days have been, it is easy to get lost in the pain. Like many other emotions, being joyful is a choice. Having a joyful attitude is not necessarily an indication of how life is at this very moment. Having joy is a conscious act that requires focus, dedication and perseverance. It is determined…

  • 4 Ways to Make Something Good out of Something Bad - #positivity #mentalhealth #selfcare

    4 Ways to Make Something Good Out of Bad

    I am sure that most everyone has heard the phrase, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”. If only life were as easy as adding some sugar and water to some fresh squeezed lemon juice. Unfortunately, life can be down right hard sometimes and can throw things at us that sets our lives spinning. It is much easier to sit back, go on auto-pilot and be angry or depressed. It is much harder to look for ways to make something good come out of it.