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5 Strange Migraine “CURE” Suggestions

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Strange Migraine “Cure” Suggestions - #migraine #homeremediesIf you struggle with migraine then you know that everyone likes to bombard you with treatment ideas. Most of them are pretty basic and are not the migraine cure but offer no consequences either. Like “drink more water”…I hear this one a lot!

The internet is a great resource for all kinds of migraine “cures”. And then there are those “cures” that go above and beyond your BS meter. A few of these deserve some recognition as the strangest of the strange.

🌸 Putting your feet and head in hot water while putting a bag of frozen peas on your neck will pull the blood from your head. This will make a Migraine go away instantly!

I somehow don’t think the science on hot water and cold peas making a Neurological Disorder go away will stand up to much testing. (Click here to see for yourself.)

🌸 Giving yourself a brain freeze will cure a migraine.

Yes, you read that right! Go ahead and eat as much ice cream as you want as fast as you can. Finally, a migraine treatment that won’t require me to give up something enjoyable or do something stupid! (Read the article here)

🌸 Drinking a mixture of Himalayan salt and lemon juice will cure a migraine.

First, let me say that my husband drinks salt and lemon juice every day…because he love it and swears by this home remedy. But treating a migraine for this is beyond the scope of reason. Why? Because most people that have migraine could NEVER tolerate the taste without vomiting! That in itself makes this one not acceptable! (Learn more here)

🌸 Eating 10-12 almonds will cure a migraine because it is the equivalent of taking 2 aspirin.

If 2 aspirin will cure your migraine…it isn’t a migraine! Enough said! (See it here!)

And my absolute favorite is …

🌸 Placing cabbage leaves in your bra and wrapping cabbage leaves around your legs at night will cure migraine!

This one had me laughing so hard that I almost couldn’t breathe! This is a real thing…there are even YouTube videos about it (HERE and HERE). The theory behind this that cabbage leaves have the same properties as magnets. Because of this they will pull diseases out of your body. Honestly? I think I will pass!

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While some of these home remedies might provide slight headache relief that is temporary, it is important to remember that there is no cure for the Neurological Disorder called Migraine!

What is the strangest cure you have heard?


  • Ruth

    “Placing cabbage leaves in your bra and wrapping cabbage leaves around your legs at night will cure migraine!”

    Oh, my, gosh. This is simultaneously one of the best and worst things I’ve ever read.

    Thanks for sharing these, your responses to them made me chuckle.

    • The Frozen Mind

      It is real! I originally found it on Pinterest but found it in many other places. I was talking to my mom about it and her grandmother used to do it!

  • Kim Leonoudakis

    Yes, many can cure chronic migraine like I did. It took my 20 yrs of a daily one to determine the causes. I no longer have a daily migraine. I agree the things mentioned above are not a cure but treating the cause can be. Everyone with chronic migraine needs to see a Lyme Literate doctor. Lyme and co-infections may be the cause of yours too. Don’t rule it out if you want to get your life back. I blog to share this to help others. I’ve suffered way to long before learning the truth. See to read my journey. I wish everyone much success on their healing journey!

  • Malou

    ‘Drink more water’ – every time… like… surely I would have thought of this myself or someone else will have already suggested this to me if I suffer from migraines… right?

    I really appreciate this post because it’s kind of funny and also it shows the ridiculousness of some things that are out there when you’re dealing with a real problem.

    So I actually sometimes try the brain freeze one… Not because I think it actually works but because it’s like a… god I’m dying and nothing is helping maybe… just maybe today drinking a slush will temporarily help lol

    The last one about the cabbages that you mentioned made me laugh hahaha. That’s so strange! Great post! 🙂

  • Jane Frith

    When I have a migraine, I would honestly try anything – even vegetables. However, the other day I met someone who said botox had really worked for her and she had not had a migraine since. I had read something about this also. Perhaps it is another one to add to your bonkers list, but I thought I might give it a go. If nothing else, it might get rid of a few wrinkles! Will let you know.

    • Jen Cannon

      I did 3 rounds of botox and unfortunately, I had a rare reaction to it. But it did help with the migraines!

      You can’t just go to a cosmetic clinic for it though. For migraine it is done in many small injections all over your scalp and forehead. Botox for Migraine isn’t that new and any neurologist should be aware of it and how to administer the injections.

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