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Washington DC: The State Plaza Hotel Review

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Last week, my husband and I went on a much needed vacation. This trip was very different to other trips we have taken because I needed my wheelchair. This opened up the possibilities for issues during the trip. Because of this, I want to do reviews of the place we stayed, how we traveled, the things we did and the places we ate and I will be including accessibility as part of my reviews. I am going to begin with the State Plaza Hotel.

Why I chose this hotel:

  1. Reviews! The online reviews on State Plaza Hotel were very high and even the ones that were not had 1 nice thing to say and that is that the bed was very comfortable. I don’t know about you but if I am staying somewhere for 5 nights, I want a comfy bed! The fact that even any negative reviews commented on the bed said a lot to me.
  2. Price! Hotels in DC are not cheap and we didn’t want to stay outside the city because we would loose what we save in transportation to the city. This hotel was reasonably priced and fit in our budget.
  3. Location! State Plaza Hotel was a short walk (10 min) to The National Mall, a short drive from the airport and conveniently located close to most of the things we wanted to do.

First Impression:

My first impression was that this place is clean and everyone was extremely nice! They were doing some carpet replacement which did create some chaos around our checking in process but renovations like that have to be done and we had no issues with that. We were given an upgrade to a Suite and we still do not know why but we were definitely not complaining about it!

The Staff:

Like I said earlier, everyone was extremely helpful and really friendly as well as kind. We are not ones to require daily housekeeping so we put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door when we left the room on Tuesday morning. When we returned, the housekeeping staff acted seriously concerned that we didn’t have new towels. Like I said, simply kind and caring people and I will never be able to say that enough! The Bellhops were always more than helpful and the people at the front desk always had a smile and a nice greeting.

Staff Rating: ★★★★★

Here is the Review of the State Plaza Hotel in Washington DC with a rating for Handicap Accessibility - #WashingtonDC #travel #hotel #review #travelblog #TheFrozenMindOur Room:

I mentioned before that we were upgraded to a suite. I am not sure why exactly but it was a very nice surprise when we entered our room! It was a one-bedroom suite complete with living room, dining room, full kitchen (all the rooms at this hotel have full kitchens), a separate bedroom and the cutest little bathroom ever! The Bedroom even had a nice vanity that I used to sit and do my hair and makeup!

The bed was something I had high expectations for because of the reviews I had read. After we got settled in our room I was tired from the flight, so I decided to take a nap and check out the bed. Well, I can honestly report that the bed was probably the most comfortable bed I have ever had in a hotel room! The reviews had it exactly right!

The full kitchen wasn’t an absolute necessity but the refrigerator was! I needed a freezer to store my ice pack and since we had the option, we went next door to the CVS and got cereal, milk and other breakfast food and we utilized the kitchen for breakfast. That was an absolute money saver and it saved on time as well.

Room Rating: ★★★★★


This area is the only thing that left me disappointed. State Plaza Hotel is in older building and is not completely ADA Compliant. The front doors are narrow and both doors must be open to easily get the wheelchair into the lobby. To get to the elevator from the lobby, you must be able to go up 5 steps. There is an alternative to going through the lobby but that option would require pushing the wheelchair up an incline which is not easy to do. This option is perfect for someone that is parking a vehicle because the handicap entrance is at the garage.  There is also a second building that is wheelchair accessible.

The room that I requested was not an accessible room because I do not require one. Since I only use my wheelchair because I can’t walk long distances. But everything else in the room was spacious and I would not have had a problem using the wheelchair in the room if necessary.

Accessibility Rating: ★★★★

The State Plaza Hotel – Final Assessment:

First off, let me say that I would absolutely stay at this hotel again. If you use a wheelchair but are able to walk up 5 stairs, I highly recommend that you not let this stop you from using this hotel. If you are not able to handle those stairs, I recommend asking to stay in the second building.

What you will get for that minor inconvenience is an incredibly warm and friendly staff, a very clean room with the most comfortable bed! I will recommend State Plaza Hotel to anyone that is going to DC.

To reach the hotel for reservations, click HERE.

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