Self-Care Tools to use on a bad day - #selfcare #mentalhealth #health #pamperyourself
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5 Self-Care Tools to Use on Bad Days

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Self-Care Tools to use on a bad day - #selfcare #mentalhealth #health #pamperyourselfAs much as we want to say that all of our days are filled with roses and sunshine, we all know that it isn’t possible to have good days all the time. It really isn’t having a bad day that can create turmoil in our lives, it is how we manage ourselves while we are in the middle of it all. The tricks we employ for self-care can make all the difference on those days that make us want to want to hide away.

Here are 5 self-care tools to use on a bad day:

  1. Take a Bath! My daughters know this is my go to self-care tool. They probably roll their eyes at me when I give this as advice to them when they are having a bad day. Truth is that a nice bath is as good as hitting a reset button on your situation. You can relax, pamper youself and (if your smart) take a few minutes off of social media. A nice bath just makes you feel good!
  2. Eat a Nice Meal. One of my favorite, help me feel better meals is fresh Salmon with Rice Pilaf and Asparagus. Be careful not to just emotionally eat junk because doing that will make you feel worse about yourself. Make this a special meal, a comfort food or pull out your favorite recipe. This is as much about making the food as eating it. Then take it one step further and eat it on the good china!
  3. Watch a Favorite Movie. This time pick the one you can say the lines to! Unless you just feel like having a good cry will help (and sometimes that is the case), pick a movie that makes you laugh or feel good. My picks for this is probably Forrest Gump, Everafter, The Princess Bride and Finding Nemo. I have seen these movies endless times and they never get old.
  4. Do something you enjoy. Do you have a hobby that you never have time to do? Is there an activity that you have wanted to try but you keep putting it off? Do you enjoy reading but you are too busy to get cozy and delve into the pages? This is a great day to do these things. Doing something you enjoy is an automatic pick me up.  I personally enjoy watching YouTube videos, quilting, and playing puzzle games on my iPad.
  5. Enjoy time with a Friend. It doesn’t matter if you go visit or have a conversation on the phone. Talking with friends always seems to help brighten a bad day. Those that know you best also know how to make you smile!

Self-Care Tools to use on a bad day - #selfcare #mentalhealth #health #pamperyourselfPick one or pick them all and they are sure to add a bright spot to your day. Bad days don’t have to stay bad and can be turned around. It doesn’t matter if it is a bad health day, a bad mental health day or just a day where everything goes wrong…Pulling some tools out of your self-care toolbox is sure to help!

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