A Vacation is a great time to take time for relaxing, reconnecting and sharing with your spouse! #travel #AChronicVoice #LinkUp #relaxing #Sharing #Reconnecting #marriage #relationships #chronicillness #Thefrozenmind
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Relaxing, Reconnecting and Sharing on Vacation – A Link Up Party with A Chronic Voice

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Last month I participated in my first Link Up Party by A Chronic Voice. I had a lot of fun writing that post and I am now going to do this every month. I find using the writing prompts challenging and fun. This month out of the prompts, I have chosen relaxing, reconnecting and sharing because it goes along with our vacation this month.

This is how the Link Up works. Every month a new Prompt is posted on the Link Up Page on A Chronic Voice. Each month there are 5 prompts listed and you must write something about each one of them in the post. Then you submit your link that the Link Up page for that month!

The Prompts for September:


Relaxing, Reconnecting & Sharing

In a few weeks, we are going on our first vacation since my health started to decline. We kept putting off planning a trip but ultimately decided that life was too short so we started planning. WE had been talking about going to Washington, DC for years and that is what we decided to do! I am looking forward to seeing all that there is to see but I am also looking forward to relaxing with my husband.

Because of my health, we have been very careful to leave plenty of time for relaxing, reconnecting and sharing. These three things are what I am most looking forward to on this trip. On top of this, the change of scenery will be a great thing as well.

When your husband becomes your caregiver it does change the way the relationship works. It is more difficult to feel that connection with each other. It is like the focus in the relationship has changed. Using this vacation as a change to reconnect with each other without the primary focus being my health with be a pleasant experience. What does reconnecting mean? To me, it means focusing on each other without allowing any outside distractions. This is good for any marriage but I feel that it is particularly important in a marriage that has a chronic illness as a side kick.

Any one that knows my husband is well aware that he can make you laugh even if you don’t want to . In fact, I think he secretly measures my pain level by how easy or how difficult it is to make me laugh. He is just this laid back person that really doesn’t let the small stuff bother him. But over the past 2 years, he has become my cheerleader, caregiver, shot giver, migraine log keeper, medication tracker and many other things. Sharing with each other things that are not about my health isn’t as easy as it used to be.

My Hope for this Vacation

A Vacation is a great time to take time for relaxing, reconnecting and sharing with your spouse! #travel #AChronicVoice #LinkUp #relaxing #Sharing #Reconnecting #marriage #relationships #chronicillness #ThefrozenmindOn this trip, I am hoping that we will take the time to just sit and share with each other. I want us to check in with out the distractions of his work, my illness, family obligations and doctor appointments. Reconnecting in this way will be refreshing and fun!

So, even though this trip is about seeing the monuments and museums, it more about stepping away from the day to day to spend time relaxing, reconnecting and sharing with each other. I am so very excited about this trip!

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