Bullying is a hot topic for today but bullying has always been a problem. You can make it through being bullied and be a success! There is Power in the Story! #Bullying #PowerInTheStory
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Power in the Story: Jo from A Rose Tinted World

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Today’s Power in the Story featured blogger is Jo from A Rose Tinted World. Her personality shines through in every word you read on her blog. A Rose Tinted World is all about creating your best life, how to figure out what that is and how to beat the obstacles along the way.

In trying to write this introduction, I am finding it hard to put it all into words because every blog she posts leaves me feeling like I learned something new about myself.  I know that you will enjoy her blog and you will also be addicted to it as well!

Jo is telling her story about bullying. It is one of today’s hot topics but it is an issue that has been around forever. Society’s reactions to it have changed but the way bullying has impacted the people bullied have not. I am most certain that you will find that there is Power in the Story.

Power in the Story

I was 13 when I got bullied for the first time. Sure, I’d been called a ‘swot’ before, but there was never any real malice, and I’d never really felt alone.

Setting the Scene

The school system in our city meant that 13 was the age when we started a new high school. It was an all girls school and some of the girls from my old school moved with me, but not others. I also rejoined other girls that I had not seen since primary school 4 years before.

We were sorted into ‘sets’ based on our academic ability. I was placed in the top set, which was no surprise. I have always been a bit of a brain box, and was pretty much the best in my old school year. But here I was amongst a lot of other girls from separate schools. How would I rank?

How the Bullying Began

And there she was. My bully. She had also been the shining star amongst her previous school. Pretty and popular, she was also friends with some of my own friends. So I tried to make friends with her. At first it seemed to work. But then one day, about a month after starting this new school I went in as normal and found that the whole atmosphere had changed.

My bully had claimed that I had really insulted her and upset her on the way home the night before. Without witnesses, it was her word against mine, and I had no way of really defending myself other than denying that this had happened. Mutual friends either stayed on the fence, or took her side. This effectively cut me off from the new friends that I had made, as they were her friends first.

I entered a new and previously unknown phenomena to me known as ‘being sent to Coventry’. I was treated like I was invisible. Ignored in conversations. It was like I didn’t exist. My bully also had friends in the lower sets and other years, who started to become interested in me too.

On the way home on the bus, I had things thrown at me. If I walked home alone they would walk behind me calling names and trying to humiliate me.

You can survive being bullied and come out a stronger and better person for it! This Power in the Story guest Blogger tells of her experience with being Bullied. - #Bullying #bulliedConfrontation & Reactions

At one point I did confront my bully over why she was doing this and what she thought she was going to achieve. She just smiled smugly and turned away from me whilst one of her gang told me that I was worthless and ‘a nobody’.

At the start I became solitary and detached. It really shook my confidence. But over time I made new friends, and learned to enjoy time on my own. I even started to really excel at school, as I spent more time alone studying.


Looking back now, I see that my bully was totally envious of my intelligence and that her bullying me came from her own insecurities about not being the star in this new school. She realize that she had been eclipsed by me, so she tried to break my spirit.

Instead it really backfired on her didn’t it? I actually became even better through being solitary and more studious. It was also a very important lesson in not having to rely on others. Friends may not always be so loyal. Whilst it is great to have friends to rely on, you can get through things alone.

'In fact I have a lot to be grateful to my bully for.' - Jo from A Rose Tinted WorldClick to Tweet

In fact I have a lot to be grateful to my bully for. Without that serious educational grounding, I may not have made it into my chosen career. By staying solitary with no distractions, I became and even better student, and determined to succeed. By being bullied, it made me the person that I am.

This story is exactly what this series is about! I wanted to make a place for people to share their stories. To share the lessons learned and what it is like to come out on the other side a stronger person. There is definitely Power in the Story that she told and she did succeed in life despite it!

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If you would like to contribute to the Power in the Story series, please let me know! I am happy to tell any story! This is a great chance to tell your stories of perseverance! 

There is power in the story…if you tell it!

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