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Power in the Story: Anne From Forever the Wanderer

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This week, the Power in the Story featured blogger is Anne Carty from Forever the Wanderer. She is an Irish blogger that blogs about her traveling adventures, Health and Wellness, Mental Health and her education. This is absolutely a blog that I recommend adding to your reading list.

Forever the Wanderer went live on May 1, 2018 after months of planning. The goals she has for her blog is to have it become her full time job and I think that she has what it takes to make that happen.  Please visit and follow her blog as well as her social media accounts that I have listed below.

Where to Find Anne:

After reading her story, I am positive that you will agree that there is Power in her Story!

Power in the Story

Surviving an Abusive Household with Depression and Anxiety

Why I am Telling My Story

Abuse has been always in my life up until last year. I have had a difficult life but life is tough. Some people will have it easier than I had but on the other side of the coin a ton of people will have a life that has been much worse than mine. At home I was physically, mentally and verbally abused. I’m not writing about my experience to get sympathy. I want to share my story to open people’s eyes to abuse.

No one ever knows what happens behind closed doors and that is scary. For years I was silently suffering from abuse, depression and anxiety and no one had the foggiest idea what was going on. I was suffering with depression and anxiety but had no clue that there was a name for the way I felt. It was just normal to me. Abuse and wanting to die was the norm for me.

What Life Was Really Like

I lived each day with a fake smile on my face acting like I was the happy child who had a perfect life. No one knew I was crying on the inside. I wasn’t the stereotypical victim. A lot of children act out, self harm and have bad grades. It was a game of survival. I wanted to act out, I needed to self harm but I knew it would have ended up in a much worse situation with my dad if I got caught doing that. My dad expected perfection. He expected great grades, good reports from teachers, etc; but if that didn’t happen you would get hit or verbally abused.

Fake vs. Reality

As the years went by I became a pro at faking happiness. When my nose got broken and people began to notice my crooked nose I lied and told them I got hit by a football. Everyone believed me. I was the happy, bubbly and honest girl everyone knew me as. I wouldn’t lie about something like that.

My depression and anxiety got worse as time went on and I became more closed off and
angry. My family were taking my dads side and letting him get away with the abuse. When my
mum wasn’t in the hospital ill it was more verbal and mental abuse than physical. This was
because he knew my mum would get in his way and not allow it.

The physical abuse became so much worse when mum was in hospital for long periods of time. He took his anger out on us. We never told mum because he convinced us that it would make her even more sick and that she would have to stay in hospital for longer. So we didn’t tell her until things got bad last year.

The Outcome

Last year was full of fights, court cases , taking medication, crying, stress and more. I was officially diagnosed with depression and anxiety. This was a huge relief because I finally had a name for how I felt all my life. I was going to get support and help. Last year was the hardest year of my life. My family and I stood together and spoke out against my father. We won.

Where I Stand Now

The past year has made me realize that I need to help others. My blog is a way to get my story
out there. I hope to open people’s eyes and hopefully get people who are in the same situation I was or have been in the same situation that it will show them that they aren’t alone. I also hope to inspire others to speak out and get help if they are still stuck in this situation.

It is my belief that abuse needs to be spoken about more.


I want to thank Anne for sharing on my blog. I feel like this series, Power in the Story was a perfect fit for her story. Again, please go check out her blog and all of her social media. She is a very strong woman and her blog is amazing!

Power in the Story - Anne of Forever the Wanderer - #anxiety #depression #physicalabuse #verbalabuse #childhoodabuse #therapy

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