• The Wall is that place at the end of your energy. It is something that you never want to crash in to. Here are some ways to avoid the crash! #ChronicIllness #Energy

    What Does Your Wall Look Like?

    What is a wall? It is that ugly thing at the end of your energy. You do not have to have a chronic illness to have one because no one has endless amounts of energy. Sometimes getting ready for the day (showering, brushing hair and teeth, getting dressed, etc.) slams…

  • When you have Chronic Pain, some days are just hard to get through. These are some things that I just to make my worst pain days a little better. #ProductReviews #ChronicPain #Migraine #PainRelief

    Products I Use on my Worst Pain Days

    My life with Chronic Migraine comes with many ups and downs. I have a Migraine attack almost everyday and this brings with it the need for comfort. Whether it be my favorite blanket or something soothing to listen to, there are several products that make my worst pain days seem…

  • Arnold Chiari Malformation is a condition in which brain tissue extends into your spinal canal. #ChiariMalformation #Chiari #ChronicIllness #NeurologicalDisorder

    Chronic Illness Spotlight: Arnold Chiari Malformation

    Chronic Illness Spotlight is a series in which different illnesses are highlighted and a Chronic Illness Warrior that lives with the illness is featured. In the last edition of Chronic Illness Spotlight, we learned about Crohn’s Disease. In today’s edition we will learn about Arnold Chiari Malformation and will feature…

  • To set yourself on fire is a metaphor for sacrificing yourself or to diminish your self worth for the sake of others. #MentalHealth #PeoplePleaser #SelfEsteem #ToxicRelationships

    Stop Setting Yourself on Fire!

    Have you ever come across a quote and have it stick in your mind? That recently happened to me and I couldn’t stop thinking about its meaning and life application. For days, I contemplated this quote and its meaning. What does it even mean to set yourself on fire?

  • Phantosmia means smelling things that are not there. It is also called an olfactory hallucination or phantom smells. Phantosmia is considered to be part of the Aura phase of a Migraine, the phase that precedes the headache phase. #Migraine #PhantomSmells #Phantosmia #OlfactoryHallucinations

    Migraine Explained: Phantosmia

    It can easily be said that during my Migraine Attacks that my sense of smells is heightened. I smell things that no human should be able to smell. Basically, my nose is better than a coon dog on a great hunt! But what happens when there is no signs of…

  • The struggles of Chronic Illness can affect your mental health in a negative way. It is important to recognize the symptoms of depression and seek help when you need to. #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #Depression #Anxiety

    Mental Health and Chronic Illness

    Fighting a Chronic Illness is hard work! It doesn’t matter if your battle is against Lupus, MS, ME/CFS, Chronic Migraine, fibromyalgia…the list could go on and on. The honest truth is that the battles are real, the battles are life-altering and the battles are not easy and can have long…

  • When you have a Chronic Illness, it is best to make simple goals rather than elaborate ones. Here are my simple goals for February using the prompts from A Chronic Voice. #Goals #ChronicIllness #February

    Making Simple Goals When You Have Chronic Illness

    When you have a Chronic Illness, life can sometimes be messy and complicated. It is hard to make plans and it is even harder to set goals. It is important to make simple goals that are more short term rather than long term goals that are more elaborate. The writing…

  • Kelly Rulle shares her story about life with Crohn's Disease. #Crohns #CrohnsDisease #IBD #ChronicIllness

    Chronic Illness Spotlight: Crohn’s Disease

    Chronic Illness Spotlight is a series in which different illnesses are highlighted and a Chronic Illness Warrior that lives with the illness is featured. Today we will spotlight a Chronic Illness called Crohn’s Disease with featured guest, Kelly Rulle

  • Changes in diet, lifestyle and environment can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder. #SAD #MentalHealth #WinterBlues

    Easing Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms

    Right now, the United States is facing a brutal cold spell that even has the Postal Service suspending deliveries in some areas. It is time for some with Seasonal Affective Disorder to experience what is called the Winter Blues. What is Seasonal Affective Disorder? According the Mayo.com, “Seasonal affective disorder…

  • Also known as the “Migraine Hangover”, this phase can be as debilitating as the Migraine pain itself. #Postdrome #Migraine #MigrainePhases

    Migraine Explained: Postdrome Phase

    One of the things that makes a Migraine very different than an ordinary headache is that it isn’t over once the pain subsides. Most people are not aware that there are after effects that are just has difficult to navigate as the other symptoms. This final phase of Migraine is…