How Chronic Illness Ruins Plans & Friendships - #schedule #chronicillness #chronicmigraine #plans #cancel #friendship
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One Day I Won’t Cancel

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How Chronic Illness Ruins Plans & Friendships - #schedule #chronicillness #chronicmigraine #plans #cancel #friendshipYour friends invite you for dinner and game night…you are so excited about it. You plan you day around it. You make sure to save your energy, so this time you won’t have to cancel like many times before. It is going to feel so good to get out of the house. It is going to feel amazing to be a part of something.

But then it all gets ripped away.

It all starts by that bright light in your vision that leads to all the things that stop you in your tracks. Go to an event? That is silly because you can barely undress and get back into your pajamas. And you most definitely can’t leave the dark room that is called the cave.

Then you have to muster up the ability to cancel…once again. You lay in the comfort of darkness begging the pain to go away. You are crying because life is going on outside of this dark hole that is swallowing you up.

You can feel it…your friends pulling away. It isn’t their fault that they don’t know what to do or say. Very slowly you notice the texts stop coming as often until they stop all together. The invitations stop but you know things are going on because the pictures of the fun and happiness is on Facebook for all to see.How Chronic Illness Ruins Plans & Friendships - #schedule #chronicillness #chronicmigraine #plans #friendship #relationships #planner

This part of Chronic Illness has the hardest to handle. The isolation that chronic illness causes is what makes your life change.

Please keep inviting me. One day I won’t cancel!


  • L

    I understand this phenomenon very well unfortunately. I have chronic migraines and I am always having to cancel plans or say no to opportunities due to a migraine or migraine trigger. It sucks because I want to experience everything! I am only 17 and friends definitely pull away after a while of canceling but my closest couple friends understand. This article really made me realize that I am not alone in this! Thank you

    • Jen Cannon

      You are far from being alone. I am really glad that my post helped you see that.

      Go out there and grab all of the life that you can. Your goal is to live your best life in spite of the limits your health puts on you. You can do it!!!

  • Earthboundstars

    I’m holding out for that day too. Every time I try to make it *this* day, Life and Illness seem to have a plan to get in the way.

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