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October Link Up with A Chronic Voice

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My how time does fly by! It is already October and this is my 3rd month taking part in the Link Up Party at A Chronic Voice. I enjoy this Link Up because it includes writing prompts and that makes it a challenge.  The October Link Up prompts look particularly challenging so I am a little worried about how it might turn out.

This is how the Link Up works. Every month a new Prompt is posted on the Link Up Page on A Chronic Voice. Each month there are 5 prompts listed and you must write something about at least 3 of them in the post. Then you submit your link on the Link Up page for that month!

October Link Up Prompts:



October means one thing in our household… birthday season. Between my husband and I there are 4 grown kids, 2 daughters-in-law, 2 boyfriends and 6 grandchildren. Out of those 10 of them have birthday’s between September and January! And of course Christmas comes right in there with them. 

Believe me, budgeting is a very important part of managing to survive through these months. January of every year we tell ourselves that we will start to prepare earlier but October rolls around and managed to whiz right by the first 3 birthdays and then the Christmas shopping starts.

So, next year we are going to work a little harder at making a budget that will make the end of the year easier! LOL…again!😉


I am learning how to start slowing down before I hit my wall of total exhaustion! I am also learning that part of that slowing down process is to utilize the tools that I have such as my wheelchair. When my husband and I when on vacation a couple of weeks ago, I put my stubborn streak aside and used my chair. Because of that, I was able to do more in one day that I would have managed in the entire week on my own.

Is that frustrating? Absolutely! But it is not catastrophic. Slowing down is the key to me having a real life again and I think it is worth it to do what I have to do to make that happen.


Vacation was amazing and being able to spend time away with my husband was way overdue. IOctober Link Up Party with A Chronic Voice - #Budgeting #Slowing #Escaping #writingprompts #chronicillness #blogtober wish I could say that it was an act of completely escaping from the realities of my illness but it was not. This is mainly because I continued to have Hemiplegic Migraine Episodes once a day and on one day I had 3 so we had to take a break for medication and rest.

But in between those episodes, we thoroughly enjoyed escaping from our normal day to day routines. We have already talked about how we are going to escape again and I think that we will go on a cruise next time. Now a cruise is definitely escaping!

So this completes the October Link Up Party with A Chronic Voice!  I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you have a chronic illness, please check out the Link Up Party. It is a lot of fun reading the other submissions and it is also a great way to break some writer’s block!

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