Medication Dispensers to Make Life Easier
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Medication Dispensers to Make Life Easier

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Gone are the days of basic medication dispensers that still require you to remember to take your medication. Now, medication dispensers are using modern technology. Let’s take a look as some of these modern marvels that will make life easier.

Bluetooth Medication Dispensers and Reminders

Medication Dispensers and reminders that connect via Bluetooth to your phone are a great way to make sure you will not forget your medication. These come with varying functions and all of them send reminders to your phone if you forget a dose.

This medication bottle cap connects to a phone app via bluetooth. This cap tracks the last time the bottle was opened, will send reminders to your phone if you miss a dose and will warn you if you are taking a double dose.

Comes in a small and large size.

This Medication Dispenser takes managing your medications to a new level!

Comes with 6 different dosage rings and will hold up to 28 days of medication. Just program your dosage times into the app on your iOS or Android phone and your will get alerted when it is time to take your medication. The Box also locks and comes with a special key for added safety.

Automatic Medication Dispensers

Automatic Medication Dispensers come in a wide variety of features and price ranges. These dispensers will notify you by an alarm when it is time to take your medication and some will even light up when when it is time to take your medications.

This professional grade, automatic medication dispenser will automatically dispense the medication and alarm until you retrieve your pills.

Can hold up to 28 days of medication if you only take meds once a day. If you take meds in the morning and evening it will hold 14 days of medications.

The dispenser will autolock and the entire device locks for added security.

This medication dispenser has a motorized maximum 28-day medication wheel rotates and dispenses medication.

It has audible and light alerts that will stop when you pick up the device to retrieve your medications.

Each pill slot can accommodate up to 18 pills. Locking feature provides added security. Templates give options for dispensing up to 6 times a day.

Hero In-Home Medication Manager

This Medication Dispenser even keeps track of when your medications need to refills and orders them for you! Then the medications are delivered to your door.

Use the Hero app to schedule your medication times. The unit stores, sorts and dispenses up to a month’s supply of 10 medications.

With the Audible, visual and app reminders, just push the button and your meds will be dispensed to you right on time.

If you are a caregiver, it will send reminders to you if your loved one misses a dose.

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No matter what type of medication dispenser you choose, it is important to keep track of your medicine. Missing a dose or taking too much can be life threatening. The products listed above are some of the most technological medication dispensers on the market and will make managing your medication easy!

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Medication Dispensers to Make Life Easier
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