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Light Sensitivity and the Products I Use to Help

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A lot of chronic illnesses include light sensitivity as one of its symptoms. For migraineurs, this is probably one of the most common symptoms.

Sometimes I am so light sensitive that sunglasses aren’t even enough. It is also one of the most difficult symptoms to control because unless you are in your home the type of lighting used and the brightness is completely out of your hands. But it isn’t just lighting in public places that are the issues. Headlights of oncoming traffic, flashing lights of any kind, dappled sunlight coming through trees, glare from looking outside from a window…all of these and more leave me struggling to avoid this migraine trigger.

This issue has effected me in many ways such as difficulty going to church because of the lighting used. I can no longer go to the movie theater because a dark room with an enormous screen filled with moving light is the worst combination ever. I also have difficulty watching TV because of the amount of flashing in shows and especially commercials.

Here are a few of the products I use that have helped me handle these situations:

  • Theraspecs- These are be far the most helpful glasses when having to be in an environment that has UV lighting or other harsh lights. It has the FL-41 tint color and it blocks out the blue in lighting which is the main lighting involved Migraine trigger. They are not cheap but they are worth every single penny and probably cost less than some Migraine medication. You can check them out HERE.
  • Wearing sunglasses at night when in the car! It seems silly but it really does help. I wouldn’t really recommend this if you are driving. I can’t drive so I haven’t had to face this obstacle but I am sure there are glasses for that too.
  • Using tinted computer glasses while using screens (computers, phones, tablets; etc.). This has helped me because I am able to use my devices without triggering a migraine. THESE are the ones I use.
  • On bright or bad migraine days, I may even need sunglasses in my house. I don’t want these really dark…just something to give a little comfort. I have 2 pair of these, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. They are cheap so it is reasonable to do that. You can find the ones I use HERE. These sunglasses have made a real difference to my quality of life!
  • At my husband’s insistence, I have ordered a pair of custom Oakley sunglasses with a VR28Blk tinted lenses. This tint only allows 10% of the sun’s UV light through and they also block out blue. I admit that they were expensive…that is why my husband almost had to force me to order them. You can look for these HERE.

Light sensitivityHaving issues with lights has made me look at some things considered optional as medical necessities. Appropriate eyewear for sufferers is an absolute must so I wanted to share a few of my favorite products.




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