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In Sickness and in Health

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Let’s think about those words for just a minute. “In Sickness and in Health “, they were probably the easiest words to say. Sort of stuck in between “for richer or poorer” and “Til death do us part”. They seem like the easiest of the three. Especially since we live in a society where nothing bad is ever going to happen.

But now let’s think about the reality of those words. “In sickness and in Health” means that diagnosis that was going to be nothing turns out to be the worst news ever. Did your spouse really mean those words that seemed so insignificant at the time? Is your spouse willing to put those words into action?

I am going to say that my husband did mean them. As the fun part of my life slowly slipped away…my husband stayed with me. My husband took on the housework, laundry, cooking dinner, bathing me if I needed help. Made sure I could safely walk in our home if my vision was gone. He managed my medication…making sure I can get it while he is at work. Helping me find apps on my phone that can text him in 2 clicks that says come home. My husband constantly reminds me that we are in this together…no matter what! In 2 years he has never faltered, never wavered…never allowed to fall into the black hole of depression that I have every right to be in.

Sickness, health, marriage, chronic illnessYes, I am bragging on my husband! I am doing that because I feel blessed to have him. Blessed because others with Chronic illness do not have the same.

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