Sound, chronic illness, migraine,Hemiplegic Migraine, invisible illness
chronic illness,  Hemiplegic Migraine,  Migraine

I Sound too Good to be Sick

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When you have a chronic illness, many things are said to you that seriously make you scratch your head. I realize that the majority of people are well-meaning and are not meaning to hurt feelings or frustrate. They simply are not aware and are trying to help. Their heart is in the right place and you know it.

There are those that provide suggestions for treatment that are actually meant to be divisive. Like they are somehow trying to “trip you up” to prove that you aren’t really that sick. These are the truly annoying ones that make you want to step onto your soapbox and shout to the world about.

But then there are the things that are said that makes you feel like you just stepped onto the set of “Kids Say the Darnedest Things”. These are the ones that make you laugh out loud and provide much needed comic relief for the day.

The best one I have heard lately was during a phone conversation. “You don’t sound like you are sick”…really? I finished the conversation without acknowledging the statement. After getting off the phone, I started thinking about it? Should I be offended? But then it really hit me…what does that even mean? What does “sick” sound like? I couldn’t help but laugh because, well, it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.

Sound, chronic illness, migraine,Hemiplegic Migraine, invisible illnessEven though most Chronic Illness Warriors have invisible illnesses and hear all the time that they don’t “look” sick, we all know where the people may be coming from. Most people think of someone being sick and think of someone that might look pale, weak or frail. There can be a “look” to being sick. Not all illnesses fit under it, of course but I can wrap my head around where they could get that idea.

I guess I had never realized that sick has a sound. Do they expect me to be sobbing or sound like my world is coming to an end? Should my voice waiver everytime I answer a question? Should I be avoiding laughter?

Oh, please tell me…what does sick “SOUND” like?

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