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I Feel Better When I …

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INGA Wellbeing started a Twitter campaign that made me think about what types of things I can do to make myself feel better. The idea is to share the things that make you feel better even on days that are not that great. This is a great way to turn a day around and make it seem brighter.

Most people think that treating yourself must included elaborate spa days or shopping sprees. It really doesn’t have to be that extreme or expensive. In fact, the majority of people with chronic illness prefer to do what most people would consider as basic daily self care as an opportunity to pamper. These very basic things make you feel normal and they make you feel good!

So here goes. I FEEL BETTER WHEN I …

Change out of my pj’s and put on “real” clothes, accomplish a chore (no matter how small it might be), get out of the house even if it is just for a drive around the neighborhood, get a good nights sleep, doing something that makes me laugh, spend time quilting, spending time with my husband, washing my hair and being able to cook dinner.

These may seem relatively simple to some people, but for me, these things can seem like climbing mountains.

To be honest with you, I need to put a little more effort into some of these things. For example, I sleep in shorts and a tshirt so it is easy to just stay in them all day because they are comfy.

Share the things that make you feel better even on days that are not that great. #positivity #chronicillness #mentalhealthWhat kinds of things make you feel better when you are having a bad day? Is it a certain meal at dinner, a relaxing bath, a walk in the sunshine?

Comment below what makes you feel better!



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