High Pain Day & Recovery Day - #migraine #pain #chronicillness #recovery #migrainehangover
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High Pain Day & Recovery Day

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This past weekend definitely ranks among one of my worst. I was awakened at 5 am on Saturday with a Hemiplegic Migraine. The pain was at an 8 with spikes to a 9, the nausea was off the charts and the paralysis lasted for almost 2 hours. Truth is, I had 3 on Saturday that were this bad.

Sunday, I woke up at 4 am with exactly the same. I am exhausted, my brain is in a fog and my body feels like I ran a marathon (I want my medal, please). Sunday was to hopefully be a recovery day.

What needs to happen to make this a recovery day? I need to have no more episodes today. My brain needs rest and my body needs rest. I need food…more than the bagels I had Saturday that kept my nausea in check.

Well, Sunday didn’t go that great but no where near as bad as Saturday. I was able to eat and I stayed in bed trying to rest in between episodes.

High Pain Day & Recovery Day - #migraine #pain #chronicillness #recovery #migrainehangoverSo, here I am on this early Monday morning. I just got over a 5:30 am episode…my head is still pounding. I lay here in the darkness of my bedroom almost scared to move. Like moving will be followed by more excruciating pain and exhaustion. I pray that the rest of the day will be a real recovery day.

This is my life on bad days and on the day (sometimes days) that follow. This is what I try to hide.

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