These five signs can help determine if someone you love is hiding depression. -#Depression #MentalHealth #MentalIllness
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5 Signs Someone May Be Hiding Depression

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Some people have been dealing with depression for so long that they have become extremely good at hiding it from others. They go about their lives like nothing is wrong, in fact, many of them have a seemingly productive life. They have gotten so good at masking their true feeling that sometimes they do not see it either. 

If you love someone that is hiding depression, it is important to try to get beyond the facade. 

5 signs of Hidden Depression

1. Sudden changes in eating or sleeping

Sudden behavioral changes can be a sign of depression. If a person is suddenly not sleeping or is sleeping too much, this could be a sign that something is going on. Some people with depression may suddenly starting eat way too much or they may stop eating altogether. 

Of course, both of these changes alone are not enough to say definitively that it is depression. Usually changes like these do suggest that something is going on and it could be a reaction to stress as well. If you notice these changes in someone, now is the time to ask if they are ok. Letting someone know that you are here for them is always a good thing.

2. They seem less optimistic than usual

Be your own advocate. Do as much research as you can. You know your body better than anyone else so if something feels off, keep searching!

3. Sudden talks about “deep” topics

If a person is suddenly having conversations about deep topics such as “the meaning of life” or are constantly discussing where their life is, it is time to take notice. If this person’s normal character is to not take himself too seriously, suddenly starts being very retrospective, this can be a sign that they are hiding depression.

4. Anxiety, Anger and Irritability that is out of character

If your friend is normally the type of person that goes with the flow then sudden anxiety, anger and irritability can be a sign of depression. Even if they are walking around with a smile, if these are out of character for the person, then something is going on. These feelings are difficult to mask and it is a warning sign that they may be hiding depression. 

5. Sending out a cry for help and taking it back

People that are hiding depression struggle with keeping it hidden. Sometimes, they may stop struggling and tell someone about it. They may even go so far as to make appointments to get some real help. 

But they soon realize they’ve gone too far and seeking help would mean admitting they have a problem. If they have talked to a friend about their issues, they may now claim it was a joke or that they were having a bad day. 

Many people that we care about may be walking around wearing a fake smile on a bad day. That isn’t something to be worried about but if it becomes a long term issue, it is time to heed the warning signs. These five signs can help determine if someone you love is hiding depression.

Want to find out more about my mental health battle? Read the 4 part series,  How My Mind Became My Enemy.

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Someone that is struggling with depression or that is suicidal, may hide it from those around them. How can you tell if someone you love needs help? How can you tell if someone is hiding depression? Here are signs that someone may be hiding depression. #depression #suicideprevention @mentalhealth
How can you tell if someone is hiding their depression? How can you see if someone is having a mental health crisis if they are hiding it? Here are 5 signs that someone may be hiding depression. #depression #suicideprevention @mentalhealth
These five signs can help determine if someone you love is hiding depression. -#Depression #MentalHealth #MentalIllness


  • kathy

    I have been depressed all my life, but I’m to ashamed to talk about it with anyone. I don’t know why. My husband doesn’t seem to notice and when I do start talking to him, he goes to sleep. I have tried to hurt myself a few times and I hoped I wouldn’t wake up. I just don’t want to be any where anymore

  • Beauty Bulletins

    Thank you for this post. I suffered as teen and young adult with depression. I don’t now. Information like this so important to helping our loved ones. Coping skills, spirituality as well as medical help make all the difference.

  • Jane

    Hid my depression for 30+ had 1 melt down now living on fluoxetine and CBT and people think it’s OK to bully the depressed person.
    Before they wouldn’t have tried

  • Nancy

    This is such a great post to help people recognize the signs of depression in someone. I work with a young man who had depression and after 8 months I have learned to recognize in him what his trigger points are and I can see the immediate facial and body response when something has triggered a swing in his moods. Thank you for sharing this and I look forward to reading your series How my mind became my Enemy.
    Great Post !!

    Nancy |

  • Charleigh

    This is such an important post. It can be so difficult for others to spot the signs of depression, especially if they haven’t had any experience with mental illness!

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