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The Healing is in the Journey

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But Why Isn’t God Just Healing Me?

Many people have been praying for my healing for several years. It is easy to find doubt in those seemingly unanswered prayers. The Bible does state in Matthew 7:7 to, “ask and it shall be given unto you…” so it is difficult to understand why the many prayers appear to go unanswered.

What is healing anyway? According to the dictionary, Healing is defined as,”the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.”. Even the definition says it is a process but we tend to think of healing as something that is instantaneous. Seeing this definition puts this into perspective for me and makes me understand that even though healing may not be here right now it does not mean that the process hasn’t started.

It is All a Part of the Journey

On Sunday, my Pastor talked about being in the desert. There are always going to be times in the desert and after you go through those times, you will be given fresh water to restore you. He talked about Joseph and the journey that his life took. From being a slave, to being in charge of Potiphar’s household, to being in prison and then ultimately being the Ruler of all Egypt, Joseph found himself in the desert many times and each time he left the desert, his life was richer than it had been before.

There are many things to learn from the story of Joseph and this was one that I had not even thought of. God could have kept Joseph from being sold into slavery. God could have rescued him from the bondage of slavery and of prison. He could have returned Joseph to his family at any time but God had Joseph in Egypt for a reason. Ultimately, God needed Joseph to save the lineage of the Jews from being destroyed during the seven year famine.

Every piece of Joseph’s journey is what led him to have the power in Egypt that God would need him to have. The highest of highs and the lowest of the lows was what put Joseph where God needed him to be.

What Does This have to do with Healing?

I know that God could heal me this instant if that were His will. If there wasn’t a greater purpose for my sickness, I would not be struggling with Hemiplegic Migraine. This illness is all a part of God’s greater plan, He is trying to prepare me to be where He needs me to be. God is preparing me to be used to achieve His work. My journey is leading me to far greater things than just and instantaneous healing.

How do I know? Because according to the book of Ecclesiastes, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven…”.  God does thing in His timing according to his Will and right now is not my time for a complete healing.

I do know that the process of healing is taking place. God has already used me in ways that He could have never used me if I didn’t find myself going through the desert. I have shared God’s love with people around the world because of this blog. Therefore, if I didn’t have my chronic illness, I would have never started this blog. God is using me and that makes this journey worth every heartache and struggle.

Each Part of the Journey Provides Healing

The healing is in the journey because that walk through the desert is what makes me grow stronger. Each time I have to walk through the desert a part of me is healed. It is all a part of that process called healing.  Although God has the ability to heal instantly, that may not be the journey that He has for me.

I know my journey will not be easy and it may not be pretty but it is the only path that I want to be on. And I want to see the fruition of God’s Will in my life. I want this journey and I do not want to run away from it.

Have you ever given any thought to what God’s plan may be as you go through times of being in the desert?

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Why doesn't God just heal me? When you are a Christian and you also have a Chronic Illness, it is easy to wonder why healing isn't coming. There is healing hidden within the journey and in those struggles is God's Grace. #Healing #ChronicIllness #Faith
it is hard when you have an illness and you know that God has the power to heal you but He doesn't. Find the healing within the journey!  #healing #ChronicIllness #Faith

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