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Hard Week and Frustration

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Honestly, this has been a hard week. I had a reaction to one of my medications. It just so happens to be the one that keeps the fluid pressure from building up around my brain. My right eye was swollen, my kidneys were not functioning well and I had absolutely no appetite at all! So My Doctor had me go off the medication immediately instead of his normal taper off schedule.

Let me just tell you that as the week has progressed it has just been bad. Vision issues, inability to talk. Paralysis (all part of the aura) has been horrendous! The headaches that have followed have not really been eased by meds either.

To tell the truth, I have been in bed for most of the week. My equilibrium was off, I was nauseous, I was just sick. Going off of powerful medication is hard…especially since that medicine was working!

Hard week, migraine, medicationI am just going to get down to the truth… I am just tired of being sick and I want to get out of my room for more than a couple hours. It would be wonderful to go out to eat with my husband and to be able to go to church. I want to be the me I used to be.

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