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It’s Migraine Hangover Day

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I open my eyes and I realize that my migraine is gone. I am relieved and ready to jump out of bed to see what happened in the world while I was hibernating in the dark cave. Once my feet hit the floor I realize that although my pain is gone, my body apparently didn’t the memo that it is supposed to function correctly today. I try to remember why I was even getting out of bed…my brain just can’t seem to hold my thoughts…it is hangover day!

The “migraine hangover” is the time when the pain is gone, but you feel beat up; and tired; and may even have brain fog. Everything just seems slightly “off”. It feels like the headache is crawling around in your head…lurking there waiting for a reason to return. Your brain feels tired.

People often don’t realize that the hangover is an official phase of a migraine, called the postdrome. Many migraine sufferers, especially women, do experience a postdrome after the headache, and it can last for around 24 hours.

So if getting back up to speed after a migraine feels like an impossible task, you’re not alone. A lot of people have trouble keeping up work, family and social responsibilities right after a migraine. You’re probably still in the migraine hangover phase and need to slow down and give yourself time to recover.

I know it is hard to do but the migraine hangover is a critical time – don’t push yourself or the migraine hangover may take longer to go away.

Here is a list of the things to do to battle through a migraine hangover:

  • Rest: Remember, it’s not “rest” just because you were in bed while the migraine was raging in your head. During the hangover phase really rest and don’t push yourself to jump back into your busy life right away. Give yourself permission to heal!
  • Eat Well: Try to eat food that will allow your stomach to recover from the nausea/vomiting. Nothing too spicy or heavy should be on your menu while your body is recuperating. It is a good idea to keep some food items on hand just in case.
  • Hydrate: (The one I find to be the hardest to do)If you suffer through your migraines with nausea and vomiting, this is the time to catch up on fluids. Being dehydrated only makes you weaker. So, grab that water bottle and drink up!

Hangover, migraineWhat do you do to treat your hangover day?


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