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A Fresh Perspective …

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One week ago, I was admitted to the hospital because my migraine auras were coming every 2 hours. My pain was off the charts and my brain was exhausted. During my stay in the hospital, I didn’t post a blog because I really needed to stay off of screens and focus on getting better.

I got home from the hospital on Tuesday and it feels so good to be home. It is kind of funny how you go to the hospital to get better and to rest but no one will leave you alone long enough to rest. And if someone isn’t bothering you, a machine will start beeping.

Here is a small update:

After 2 years of being homebound, occasionally bedridden and going to the Mayo Clinic Doctor my husband and I have decided to seek a second opinion. Not because we disagree with my treatment…mainly just get a second set of eyes to look at all the tests and get a fresh perspective.

I am currently on very high doses of 2 seizure medications, several supplements and several rescue medicines. None of these have decreased the number of migraine days I have each month. We have seemingly tried everything and are pretty much stuck right here. So we feel it is time to look outside of the “treatment box” and look for some other alternatives.

Over the next few weeks, I will be trying Acupuncture and searching for other treatments outside of medications. It feels strange to “start over” again but it is also refreshing to step back and gain some perspective.

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