My Favorite Products - Items that make life easier with Chronic Illness

My Favorite Products

When you have a Chronic Illness, you look for products that make your life easier. The reason for this is because many Chronic Illnesses deplete you of the needed energy to have a productive and active life.

This is a page of the products that I use in my home or that I wish I had and will purchase soon. Some items are fun and others help me perform tasks.

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Products for the Kitchen

Having a Chronic Illness can make cooking more of a chore than an enjoyment. These have helped make it easier and I enjoy cooking again.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning is hard work for everyone but it is especially challenging when your energy is depleted because of illness. These make getting the chores done much easier.

Migraine Helpers

I have several products that I use to help me during Hemiplegic Migraine attacks. These are the ones that I use the most. The Fan and the cooling towels have been a lifesaver to me many times!

Mobility Devices

I have a wheelchair and a rollator that I use if a lot of walking is required. It helps me get out of the house more and be more active. There are many to choose from so I picked a couple of my favorites.


When I have a Migraine, I can not look at screens and reading a book can be difficult because of vision issues. One of my favorite things to do that distracts me from my pain is to listen to audiobooks.

I have had an Audible Membership for years and it is probably my most used app on my phone!

Purchasing your membership through this ad will give you 2 free audiobooks. As a member. you will also be eligible to receive 2 Audible Originals for free each month! It is a great value!

My Wishlist!

Here are a few things that I have my eye on that I think would be helpful to have.

Everyone wants housework to be easier do even if you do not have a Chronic Illness, these will help you. Isn’t it time to enjoy cooking for your family instead of dreading it? Isn’t it time to get the household chores completed with ease?

What items are on your favorites list and what would be on your wishlist?

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My Favorite Products - Items that make life easier with Chronic Illness