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Expect the Unexpected …

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One thing that is inevitable about having a chronic illness is that plans can change in an instant.

I had planned on watching the Migraine World Summit everyday and posting my thoughts on one of the topics each day. Unfortunately, my unpredictable, chronic life had different plans for me.

I am currently writing this in my hospital bed. I spent yesterday riding for 3 hours to the Mayo Clinic Emergency Room because my Doctor wanted me to be admitted. Then I spent most of the day in the ER before getting my room.

See, having a chronic illness means that sometimes you can’t keep pushing on in spite of how bad you feel.

Over the last 2 weeks, my health has taken a sharp decline. I gave myself all of the excuses…it is the weather, I am recovering from episodes I had because of the weather, etc., and I went from housebound to bedridden. My Hemiplegic Migraine episodes started “running into each other”. Yes, that means that I was having back to back paralysis and 9 on the pain scale headache!

It started simple enough as my normal 2-3 episodes a day that were pretty evenly separated from each other. Then the auras started getting closer together and increasing in number. My life was impacted greatly as this progressed because being paralyzed on one side, not seeing well and not being able to talk coherently for huge chunks of a day isn’t normal…even for me.

As of right now, my auras are repeating every 2-3 hours. My headache will decrease a little after the aura ends but it doesn’t leave. As soon as the aura ends and I am starting to feel slightly better, it starts all over. This is the precise definition of Status Migrainous.

So, my plan for Migraine World Summit 2018 has been cancelled. I hope to be out of the hospital before it is over and I can write a few posts at the end on the Summit.

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