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Eliminating Migraine Trigger Food

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Having Chronic Hemiplegic Migraine has taken a lot of things from me but none has been more frustrating than some of the food I can no longer eat. Figuring out food triggers is especially difficult because it is not easy to track. A migraine triggered by food may not happen for up to 48 hours after the food is consumed. Because of this, I made a decision to stop eating some of the major food that is known to trigger migraine.

Here are a few of the foods that I have stopped eating:

Hard Cheese

Each variety of cheese is classified by 4 categories; Hard Cheese, Semi-hard Cheese, Semi-soft cheese and Soft cheese. Hard cheeses are aged much longer and that is why they have a sharp, distinctive flavor. This aging process causes the cheese to be high in Tyramine. Tyramine is not a food additive. This compound is organically produced when the amino acid tyrosine breaks down, which can happen when foods are aged for a long time. Some examples of Hard Cheeses are Cheddar, Parmesan, Asiago, Gruyere, Swiss and Romano. For a more extensive list, click HERE. (I have this website saved on my phone to use as a reference in restaurants!)


To be honest it is impossible to give up all nitrates. That is because it is natural occurring and can be found in most green vegetables. Those are the good nitrates. There are also bad nitrates and those are found in processed meats such as bacon, pepperoni, salami, cold cut meats, cured hams, hot dogs and many frozen meats. Fortunately, most companies are starting to sell uncured meat varieties and they do not have the nitrates! Honestly, these taste better to me. Even Ballpark makes all of their hot dogs with no added nitrates!

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Not eating MSG is probably the most difficult diet change I have made. Practically every food that sits on a shelf in the grocery store has MSG! Therefore, my focus has been on limiting my intake rather than eliminating it completely. If there is an MSG free alternative, I definitely take that option. One significant change has been to eliminate the use of canned Cream soups in casseroles and Crock Pot meals. I found a great recipe to make these from scratch and this has taken these family favorites to a whole new level! You can find that recipe HERE. One batch equal 2 cans of soup.

Food, trigger, migraineMaking these diet changes has helped me feel like I am taking back some of the control of my body. Of course, the changes have not eliminated my migraines but I do feel like reducing these things has helped me feel better.

For more information about foods that can trigger migraine, read this article at MIGRAINE.COM.

What food items have you given up to help your health?


  • Mikaela

    My food triggers are so weird. Sometimes I get a migraine, sometimes I don’t. Orange cheddar is one of my triggers, but white cheddar is fine. Almonds and fake sugars are definite triggers.

  • Susie Truett

    I really feel for you. I’ve never experienced migraines but I have family members who have. I know they can really bring life to a stop. I’ll give them your blog info so they can read this! Thanks for sharing!💕💕

  • Alice

    Oh god I feel for you. Being a food lover and having to give certain things up for your health is the worst!! I had to go completely dairy and gluten free for a few months to see if it helped with the inflammation in my body (I was too far gone anyway unfortunately) and now I’m on the blandest diet known to man. Plain chicken, mash, white bread, anything soft and easy to digest basically. Minimal fibre so I really, really miss healthier and fresh foods so much! Hope you find some super yummy things that keep you happy and healthy as you can be!
    Alice Xx

    • The Frozen Mind

      Oh my…that sounds horribly bland. I have times when having a lot of migraines that I actually crave food that is bland but I cannot imagine eating like that all the time.

      Thanks fir the comment!

  • Annaleid

    I never new that food could trigger a migraine! Thanks for sharing this and I’ll have a look at my own diet once I’m done with my detox program 🙂
    xoxo Annaleid

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