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Are Doctors Your Enemy?

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I am sitting in a Doctor’s office and I am dreading this appointment with yet another Doctor. Honestly, I am already frustrated. All of the Doctors before this one were cold, uncaring and didn’t take me seriously and I know that this one will be the same…because they are all trained the same way, right? I had even had one Neurologist tell me, “it is a headache; get over it”.

This Doctor walked in, introduced himself then he shook my hand. So far it is the same as every other visit with every other Doctor. Then he did something very different…he sat down! He didn’t stand up over me…he sat down at eye level with me. Then he really astounded me…he asked me to explain all of my symptoms. Needless to say, I was in shock.

Why? Because, through the years, Doctors have trained me not to trust them. It is my biggest frustration…it is why it took 20 years to get diagnosed and it is why at one point I wouldn’t go to the doctor at all.

So back to my story, in comes this doctor and my life was changed. He listened, he took me seriously, he didn’t treat me like a hypochondriac. He diagnosed me! Finally, someone listened enough to know what was wrong with me. Did this take away my struggle? No. But it meant that I finally found someone that was interested in making my life better and it meant the world to me.

What Makes This Doctor Different?

Doctors, enemy, chronic illness, healthcareThis doctor is an out of the box thinker and he gets excited when he thinks he has found another piece to my puzzle. He specializes in my type of rare migraine. What I have is rare…only about 20,000 people in the USA have this condition. That in itself make treating it harder. But this doctor was willing to unturn any stone that might hold an answer.


He has been my Doctor for 2 years and I wouldn’t trade him for anything!

What has been your main frustration in you battle with chronic illness?


Are Doctors Your Enemy? - #chronicillness #healthcare #medicalcare


  • Lex

    While I do not have a chronic illness, I tend to get migraines and headaches a lot (not nearly as much as you) and they hurt like a mother. Regardless, I avoid doctors at all costs. Truth be told, I haven’t been to an actual doctor (excluding my gyno because of birth control priorities) in almost 8 years. I know there are a ton of people out there who will rail at me for that one, but honestly, I just don’t see the point. Unless something is seriously wrong, why should I go? I’m healthy and don’t need to hold up the doctor’s or my time. I would rather people with actual problems get the help they need.

    I’m glad you found one you like!

    • The Frozen Mind

      Just make sure to get tour yearly physical with pap, mammogram and all those important things!

      Thanks for the comment, it means a lot!

  • Fibronacci

    That is awesome! I am so glad you found a good doctor! 🙂 I had one too… but unfortunately, now I have to find another because of insurance requirements. NOT happy about that one bit.

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