4 Ways to Crash a Pity Party

4 Ways to Crash a Pity Party

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What is a pity party?  By definition it is an instance of indulging in self pity. Pity parties are not necessarily unhealthy…unless the party lasts too long. Let’s face it…sometimes life is just hard!

Here are 4 ways, that I have found, to crash the pity party:

  1. Focus on the good things in life. Another words focus on the fact that the situation is temporary. Even though you are fighting a chronic illness, the really bad days are most likely temporary.
  2. Treat yourself! Oh come on…you deserve it! As silly as it may sound sometimes this will help! Give yourself permission to have a long soak in the tub, do your nails, eat some comfort food or watch a movie. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive!
  3. Get up! (The one I am not really good at) Even if you don’t feel the greatest, get up, get dressed and comb your hair. It sounds like the simplest thing but when you don’t feel good it can be the most difficult thing to do!
  4. Set a goal. It can be as small as making your bed. I am not talking about deep cleaning the entire house. Pick one small chore and get it done. It can take all day! Some days my goal is to put dinner in the crock pot. Sounds simple but cooking dinner for the family is one way to feel like you have done your part for the family.

4 Ways to Crash a Pity Party - #selfcare #mentalhealth #attitude #chronicillnessPity party, mental health, chronic illnessSo, yes, life is still hard and my body isn’t cooperating but washing myself in self pity isn’t going to change that. It is possible to have a do-over. Sometimes you just have to do all you can to crash the pity party.

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12 thoughts on “4 Ways to Crash a Pity Party

    1. And they cost nothing! I think that we think that treating ourselves well means spending money. Sometimes it is good to get back to the basics.

  1. Great great useful tips!! 💛 Thanks for sharing and thanks for the way you encourage other people even when fighting through your own battles!! That’s strength!!😘 Sending you lots of love and positive vibes your way today!!

  2. The theme of your post and the play on words is highly creative. Your four pity party crashers are simply brilliant. For someone who is coping with chronic illness your positive attitude is admirable, but your advice is also universally relevant because we all throw ourselves pity parties now and then.

    Today after reading your blog, I feel like I crashed your party and you sent me away with a smile and a loot bag of great advice. What a pity if I had missed it.

    Thank you. I had a nice time. 🦋🌈🌟

  3. I think my favourites are pampering yourself, and setting a goal. Its usually after indulge myself a little that i feel like i can get maybe something done. Then follows the ability to see at the silver lining. However its the getting up part that I often find the most difficult

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