Compassion, empathy, chronic illness
chronic illness,  Migraine

Compassion, Empathy & Chronic Illness

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Here is an example of a text that was sent to my by a friend, “Praying the Lord will continue to place a miraculous healing touch on your life”. On the surface there is nothing wrong with this text. In fact, before I got sick 2 years ago, I probably would have sent a text very similar to this one.

So, what is missing? Two very important things:

  • Compassion – There is absolutely nothing wrong with telling someone that you are praying for them. Let’s be honest, I need all the prayers I can get. But, when a text like this is sent without asking how you are doing, it feels very cold and distant. The text showed no compassion for me or my well being. Especially since I had gotten the exact same text from the same person 4 days earlier. It just felt like the person was going through the motions…”ok, now she should feel loved and encouraged for the day”.
  • Empathy – By definition, empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. No one is going to be perfect at this one…I don’t expect perfection. But it would be a breath of fresh air if someone would at least try. Maybe at the end of that text if it said, ” I don’t understand exactly what you are going through but I am here if you need me”. WOW what a huge difference that could make in my life.

Like I said before, the text above is exactly the types of texts I would have sent to someone before my chronic illness changed my life. I have learned a lot through the pain and isolation I have experienced.

Compassion, empathy, chronic illnessI also want to be careful not to sound ungrateful for people that text me…because I am very thankful to have people that think of me.

One of the main reasons for starting this blog is to use my experience to educate others. . I would be betraying that mission if I didn’t speak out about ways to love and nurture others that may be battling illness.

Honestly, we can all use more love, compassion and empathy in our lives and sometimes the text just needs to be more than 1 sentence.

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  • geets582

    I feel isolated all the time, trust me it’s okay to not feel okay sometimes.
    You can always DM me gorgeous if you want someone to talk to xoxoxo

  • Fibronacci

    I understand how you feel. I feel like people try to be as kind as they can, but when they don’t really know what you are going through, those elements of compassion and empathy can be missing. But I try to remember that people are still trying to be kind, in their own way. 🙂

    • The Frozen Mind

      I do try to understand as well. Sometimes I just wish someone would ask what I am going through…to try to understand my illness.

      I only really get upset on days I am at my worst. It is like a symbol of my isolation.

      Thanks for reading my blog post!

      • Fibronacci

        I know what you mean, and I agree with you. I am the same way too. I am so sorry you feel so isolated. You have friends here in blogosphere who have some sense of your struggles. <3

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