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Comfort Food & Rice Krispie Treats

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This week has been dreary, wet and cold. What is up with that? It is April for crying out loud. Easter has passed and even my mother says I can wear sandals now. But no…the weather that gave us 80 degree days in February is giving us Winter in April. All of this dreary weather calls for some major comfort food and something sweet. And after the high pain weekend, I was starving!

Since my mornings tend to be the best time of the day, I usually cook supper in the mornings. Sounds weird but hey sometimes you just have to go with the hand you’ve been given.

Well, I live in the South…comfort food is our expertise. I mean here, mac n cheese is a vegetable and nobody argues.

So, I decide to make a huge pot of Chicken and Dumplins (same as dumplings but in the South, we say things funny sometimes 😂). My cooking has to be timed just right in order to beat my afternoon slump. I also know that if I over do it or get too hot the slump will come much earlier. I have to work smart!

So, while the chicken is boiling, I start thinking…what good is comfort food without something sweet to eat after? Absolutely nothing…not good at all. So, I decide to whip up some good old Rice Krispie Treats. Super easy, super yummy and super sweet…exactly what I was looking for!

Comfort food, food, weather, chronic illnessTo make this long story a little shorter…I managed to cook supper and make a dessert on a Monday! To most people that is nothing to write home about but I was so happy with myself I had to text my husband just to toot my own horn!

The really good thing is that on yet another dreary day, we will have leftovers!


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  • fibrobutterfly

    ❤️ chicken & dumplins! I’m so happy for that you had the energy to do it! And, dang, it is too cold! We still might get snow again next week up here in the frozen north.

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