2018 Christmas Gift Guide

2018 Christmas Gift Guide

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It is hard to believe but it is time to start Christmas Shopping! Finding the perfect gift for someone that you care about can be difficult and I am here to help you out! I have selected some of my favorite things for a Christmas Gift guide!

Although some of these things are perfect for someone that has a chronic illness, I think you will find that the majority are just nice gifts that anyone would enjoy. I have listed some of my finds below and will also leave a banner at the bottom so you can do some exploring on your own.

If you want more ideas, check out the Shopper’s Haven by The Frozen Mind. I am adding new ideas often so bookmark the site!

Christmas Gift Guide


Giving the gift of Technology is always a winner. The best thing is that the prices vary to meet every budget price point.

This year, anything Bluetooth will be a huge hit on Christmas morning. The New Amazon Echo Spot will make life a little easier for mom.

Kitchen Gadgets

I always love getting new things for my kitchen! When the items also make my life easier, it is an added bonus. I post recipes on here because I cook and most of you know I love to use my slow cooker! If you have not seen some of my recipes, check out my Smarter Kitchen series!

Things to Make You Cozy!

Winter cries out for comfy pajamas, fuzzy socks and nice warm blankets! That is exactly what you will find here. So, find a good book and curl up by the fire!

Migraine Warrior Gifts

I am a Migraine Warrior and have shared my Migraine story on my blog since the first post. I want to share a few of the items that I use and have found helpful. So, if you are shopping for someone that is a Migraine Warrior, these are great gifts!


It just wouldn’t be a Christmas List without including some toys! Here are some of the best sellers for this season!

Other Great Gifts

These are some more great gifts that are sure to make anyone happy! There are several things in this section that are on my personal wish list!

To Find more gift ideas check out the Shopper’s Haven by The Frozen Mind!

This finishes up The Frozen Mind Christmas Gift Guide! I hope you have seen some gifts for someone special while you were here!

If you would like to do some additional browsing, you can do so by clicking the banners below! i have included banners from several different stores that may meet your needs!

I truly wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Gift Guide from The Frozen Mind - Find just the right Christmas Present! Featuring technology , sleepwear, blankets, gifts to pamper and more! - #Christmas #ChristmasGift2018 Christmas Gift Guide - Featuring technology , sleepwear, blankets, gifts to pamper and more! - #Christmas #ChristmasGiftChristmas Gift Guide from The Frozen Mind - Featuring technology , sleepwear, blankets, gifts to pamper and more! - #Christmas #ChristmasGift

13 thoughts on “2018 Christmas Gift Guide

  1. If I was a wise woman, I’d probably ask Santa Claus to bring me one of those pillows because of my neck problems. However, I don’t think I’d be able to resist the beanie hat with the built-in headset. I go for a lot of walks with my dog and this is the time of year when I need to combine earphones and winter gear. If I ever indulge, I’ll make sure to use your link here.

  2. Such great ideas! Strangely enough, I love giving gifts to people because I love to surprise them and see the looks on their faces, but I always find it hard to come up with ideas, unless it is someone that I am really close to. #KCACOLS

  3. Nice variety of gift ideas for Christmas!

    It can be hard to shop for people when it seems like they have “everything” already!

    If people are looking for hot gift ideas for kids (or big kids 😉 ), then anything related to Fortnite will probably work this year!

  4. I’ve done a bit of shopping already which is very unlike me. I actually did it in October! I love the sound of anything cosy and am torn between more books or a kindle paperwhite… #kcacols

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