• Fighting a Stigma of any illness is difficult but when the illness completely isolates you, it can be even worse. - #Stigma #Migraine

    MIgraine Explained: Fighting a Stigma

    Migraine in all of it’s varying forms is a misunderstood illness and it is accompanied by many stigmas. The fact that people with Chronic Migraine have 15 or more migraine days per month is only compounded when loved ones do not try to understand. Fighting a Stigma of any illness is difficult but when the illness completely isolates you, it can be even worse. Before I can talk about fighting a stigma, I need to talk about what some of the stigmas are. It is just a headache- Nothing could be further from the truth. A migraine brings nausea, vomiting, debilitating pain and visual disturbances (see Migraine Explained: What is…

  • Sometimes Family Gatherings during the Holidays do not go as smooth as they should. If you have a Chronic Illness the hard conversations inevitably will come. Here are 5 of the more common ones and how to avoid the. - #Christmas #ChronicIllness

    5 Hard Conversations to Avoid During the Holidays

    Everyone has that one person at their holiday gatherings that has no tact or asks rude questions. This is probably even more noticeable to people that have a chronic illness. We are used to having  hard conversations with those relatives that just don’t know how to keep their opinions to themselves. What Hard Conversations? “Well you don’t look sick” – This is one of the most inconsiderate statements that someone can make to someone that is chronically ill. Most chronic illnesses can’t be seen on the outside and are considered, “invisible Illness”. HOw I look doesn’t determine how I feel on the vast majority of days. “Shouldn’t you Try a New…

  • Why I Hesitate to use my Mobility Devices - #disability #mobility #wheelchair #chronicillness

    Why I Hesitate to Use My Mobility Devices

    Over the past couple of years, my ability to walk long distances had decreased drastically. Very little activity will leave me exhausted and sweating profusely. I made a decision to get two different types of mobility devices so I can get out of the house for longer periods of time. There is just one problem, I am hesitant to use them. I guess I have to admit here that pride is one of the reasons that I am not eager to use my wheelchair and my Rollator. It is obvious that I worry way too much about what people are going to think. I do need them because when I…

  • 10 things you can do to help someone with chronic illness. #illness #chronicillness #friendship #helpinghand

    7 Things You Can Do For Someone with Chronic Illness

    In my experience, most people do not know how to respond to someone that has a long term illness. They feel like nothing they do is going to help the situation. To compound this, the person who is sick is waiting on someone to help but doesn’t know how to ask. This is a vicious cycle that leads to the isolation most people with chronic illness experience and ends with broken relationships. With that being said, there are always those fly by night “friends” who only want you during the good times. But the vast majority of people are not that way and would help if they knew what was…

  • Migraine: Not Just a Bad Headache - Headache is only a symptom of a Migraine - #migraine #stigma #health #chronicillness #headache #symptoms

    Migraine: Not Just A Bad Headache

    If you have migraines of any type, you know that the second you say, “I had a migraine this weekend” that inevitably someone will say, “I get bad headaches and I just take a Tylenol and it goes away”.