• How to Master Holiday Self Care

    How to Master Holiday Self Care

    The holiday season is so busy and the to do list seems to get longer by the day. Taking the time for some holiday self care is an important part of being able to enjoy the season. 5 Ways to Master Holiday Self Care Taking care of yourself during the…

  • When you need a nap after a bath. When you have a Chronic Illness, even the simplest things can become difficult. #ChronicIllness #SelfCare #Health

    When You Need a Nap After a Bath

    I used to love nothing more than soaking in a hot bubble bath. It was a way to relax and pamper myself. I enjoyed the heat and that relaxed feeling afterward. Now taking long hot baths has landed on the list of things that I used to do. Now, I…

  • The Wall is that place at the end of your energy. It is something that you never want to crash in to. Here are some ways to avoid the crash! #ChronicIllness #Energy

    What Does Your Wall Look Like?

    What is a wall? It is that ugly thing at the end of your energy. You do not have to have a chronic illness to have one because no one has endless amounts of energy. Sometimes getting ready for the day (showering, brushing hair and teeth, getting dressed, etc.) slams…

  • To set yourself on fire is a metaphor for sacrificing yourself or to diminish your self worth for the sake of others. #MentalHealth #PeoplePleaser #SelfEsteem #ToxicRelationships

    Stop Setting Yourself on Fire!

    Have you ever come across a quote and have it stick in your mind? That recently happened to me and I couldn’t stop thinking about its meaning and life application. For days, I contemplated this quote and its meaning. What does it even mean to set yourself on fire?

  • Ways to Guard your Mental Health During the Holidays - Great tips for making sure the holiday season doesn't leave you with a mental breakdown. #MentalHealth #Holidays #ChristmasTips

    5 Ways to Guard your Mental Health during the Holidays

    To some, the holiday season may be the most wonderful time of the year but the time period between Thanksgiving and the New Year can be difficult for several reasons. Issues within the family, a recent loss of a family member, health crises and other struggles can make the holiday…

  • Lights, music, smells and large gatherings all create opportunities for Sensory Overload. Here are 6 ways to avoid sensory overload during the holidays. #Christmas #Holidays #ChronicIllness

    6 Ways to Avoid Sensory Overload During the Holidays

    Many types of Chronic Illnesses are affected by sensory overload. It can make symptoms worse and make treatments inadequate. But what is Sensory Overload? It occurs when one or more of the body’s senses experiences over-stimulation from the environment around them. Too much noise in itself may not be enough to tip the scales but…

  • Managing stress during the holidays is the only way to ensure that you get to enjoy the holiday season. Here are 5 Ways to Survive the Holidays! - #Christmas #Stress #HolidayTips

    5 Ways to Survive the Holidays

    When you have Chronic Migraine, the holiday season can be difficult to manuever. There are parties to attend, gifts to buy and activities to take part in. All of these things equals stress that can trigger migraines that can stop you in your tracks. There are things you can do…

  • Pacing yourself during the holidays is essential to being able to enjoy the time with family! - Here are 10 tips to help! - #PaceYourself #HolidayTips

    10 Ways to Pace Yourself During the Holidays

    It will soon be Halloween and around here, some radio stations begin playing Christmas music the day after. So, in my mind, the holiday season starts the day after Halloween. That is usually when the Black Friday ads start being leaked and when I start planning out what everyone is…

  • Breast Cancer Awareness - Early detection is vital to the successful treatment of breast cancer. Find out what you should do increase your chances of detecting breast cancer early. #breastcancerawareness #earlydetection

    Breast Cancer Awareness- What to Do and What Not to Do

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to help spread awareness, I want to share some information about this disease that takes so many lives each year. Breast Cancer By the Numbers About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12.4%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her…

  • Use these tips to pamper yourself on days that you don't feel well. - #chronicillness #selfcare #pampering #pamper

    4 Ways to Pamper Yourself When You Don’t Feel Well

    Why Pamper Yourself? As I am writing this, Hurricane Florence has been pounding the North Carolina coast for 24 hours and is starting to slowly start her journey south toward me. All of the models show very little likelihood that it will make it here and for that I am…