• Walmart Grocery Delivery saves time, money and makes life easier if you have kids or an illness that prevents you from shopping. #GroceryDelivery #ProductReview #ChronicIllness #SAHM

    Walmart Grocery Delivery Review

    I enjoy sharing products and services that I enjoy or find useful. In this post, I want to share my experience with Walmart Grocery Delivery. I used to love shopping for groceries but because of my Chronic Illness and my lack of energy, I have not been able to do that in a very long time. Several stores have started pick-up and delivery services and I decided to try out the Walmart Grocery Delivery Service last week. I need to say that this is not a paid review and I purchased my items. So the information here is unsolicited and 100% my unbiased opinion. After my items were delivered, they…

  • When you have Chronic Pain, some days are just hard to get through. These are some things that I just to make my worst pain days a little better. #ProductReviews #ChronicPain #Migraine #PainRelief

    Products I Use on my Worst Pain Days

    My life with Chronic Migraine comes with many ups and downs. I have a Migraine attack almost everyday and this brings with it the need for comfort. Whether it be my favorite blanket or something soothing to listen to, there are several products that make my worst pain days seem bearable. This isn’t the kind of information I want to keep to myself. I want to share these and I hope that you find these things as useful as I have. I also hope that you also find some relief on your worst pain days.

  • Weather and Migraine - #migraine #chronicillness #headache

    The Weather is Trying to Kill Me

    “The weather is trying to kill me”, this is a statement that I have repeated many times over the past two weeks. I know that it sounds like a crazy statement based on irrational paranoia but it isn’t, I promise. I do realize that the weather can’t kill me but it most certainly can make my life miserable. The past few weeks has been a proverbial barometric pressure roller coaster. The changes in pressure send me into my migraine cocoon and there is nothing I can do about it. Weather Related Migraine Product Review: I tried the MigraineX earplugs a week ago on a day that saw a lot of…

  • Beautycounter Review: Migraine Friendly- #cosmetics #makeup #migraine #crueltyfree

    Product Review: Beautycounter – Migraine Friendly Cosmetics

    Most people that have migraines experience issues with strong smells and walking through a Department Store with its cosmetics counter in the middle of the store can be a nightmare. Even wearing cosmetics can create problems between the harsh ingredients and the smells that linger all day. That is why, when Misty, a friend of mine had an online Beautycounter party I asked for samples. I had to know how it smelled before I could even care how well it worked. I have come across so many products (not just cosmetics) that claim to be unscented but nothing could be further from the truth. The Products: The first thing I…