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    Eliminating Migraine Trigger Food

    Having Chronic Hemiplegic Migraine has taken a lot of things from me but none has been more frustrating than some of the food I can no longer eat. Figuring out food triggers is especially difficult because it is not easy to track. A migraine triggered by food may not happen for up to 48 hours after the food is consumed. Because of this, I made a decision to stop eating some of the major food that is known to trigger migraine. Here are a few of the foods that I have stopped eating: Hard Cheese Each variety of cheese is classified by 4 categories; Hard Cheese, Semi-hard Cheese, Semi-soft cheese…

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    13 Reasons Why Coping with Chronic Illness is Hard

    When you are sick with an illness like the flu, you recognize that you will get well within a short period of time. If you are diagnosed with a chronic illness, on the other hand, the reality is quite different. A chronic illness may never go away and the symptoms can make coping very difficult. Here are 13 reasons why coping with chronic illness is hard: A lot of the symptoms are invisible to others. Because of this many people are not able to grasp the severity of the illness. Some may even doubt the sickness altogether. Daily life is difficult because of inability to make and keep a schedule.…

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    The Reason I Had to Stop Driving

    Simply put, I love to drive and at one time I considered myself adventurous. Not bungee jumping or mountain climbing adventurous but if I wanted to go somewhere there wasn’t much that could stop me. I had no fear about going somewhere by myself and was ready for a road trip any time. To me, driving equals freedom. The freedom to go to the store when I want, make appointments without feeling like a bother…the freedom to go places. Things are a lot different now. I stopped driving in November 2016 and other than a few short trips last August, I have not driven since. Why? For starters, the Hemiplegic Migraines (to…

  • 4 Challenges I Face Because of Hemiplegic Migraine

    Hemiplegic Migraine has handed me some challenges that sometimes feel like mountains that I cannot climb. Other struggles are not as dramatic or difficult to navigate but put stumbling blocks in my path. Here are some of the most prevalent challenges that I face the most:

  • How Chronic Illness Ruins Plans & Friendships - #schedule #chronicillness #chronicmigraine #plans #cancel #friendship

    One Day I Won’t Cancel

    Your friends invite you for dinner and game night…you are so excited about it. You plan you day around it. You make sure to save your energy, so this time you won’t have to cancel like many times before. It is going to feel so good to get out of the house. It is going to feel amazing to be a part of something. But then it all gets ripped away. It all starts by that bright light in your vision that leads to all the things that stop you in your tracks. Go to an event? That is silly because you can barely undress and get back into your…