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    Eliminating Migraine Trigger Food

    Having Chronic Hemiplegic Migraine has taken a lot of things from me but none has been more frustrating than some of the food I can no longer eat. Figuring out food triggers is especially difficult because it is not easy to track. A migraine triggered by food may not happen for up to 48 hours after the food is consumed. Because of this, I made a decision to stop eating some of the major food that is known to trigger migraine. Here are a few of the foods that I have stopped eating: Hard Cheese Each variety of cheese is classified by 4 categories; Hard Cheese, Semi-hard Cheese, Semi-soft cheese…

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    The Reason I Had to Stop Driving

    Simply put, I love to drive and at one time I considered myself adventurous. Not bungee jumping or mountain climbing adventurous but if I wanted to go somewhere there wasn’t much that could stop me. I had no fear about going somewhere by myself and was ready for a road trip any time. To me, driving equals freedom. The freedom to go to the store when I want, make appointments without feeling like a bother…the freedom to go places. Things are a lot different now. I stopped driving in November 2016 and other than a few short trips last August, I have not driven since. Why? For starters, the Hemiplegic Migraines (to…

  • 4 Challenges I Face Because of Hemiplegic Migraine

    Hemiplegic Migraine has handed me some challenges that sometimes feel like mountains that I cannot climb. Other struggles are not as dramatic or difficult to navigate but put stumbling blocks in my path. Here are some of the most prevalent challenges that I face the most: