• Chronic Illness Related Anxiety

    Chronic Illness Related Anxiety

    I talk with a lot of people with many different Chronic Illnesses and we have many things in common. While chatting in Online groups on Facebook, one issues seems to be discussed by almost everyone; Chronic Illness related Anxiety. I am one among the many that deal with this issue…

  • 5 Steps to Challenge your Mindset

    5 Steps to Challenge your Mindset

    We all have those days when everything that can go wrong will go wrong. You are running late, you can’t find your keys, your son lost his shoe and then you realize your gas tank is on empty. It is enough to make you want to pull your hair out…

  • My Mental Health Story

    My Mental Health Story

    How my Mind Became My Enemy is my mental health story. In these words, I share how my mind, negative thinking and living in the past created a firestorm in my life that almost killed me. Since it is Mental Health Awareness Month, I thought I would highlight this four-part…

  • 5 Thoughts that Impact your Mental Health

    5 Thoughts that Impact your Mental Health

    It should come as no surprise that your emotional health has a major impact on your mental health. It is much like how your nutritional health will affect the health of your body. There is one aspect of your emotional health that most people ignore and that is how your…

  • And herein lies the danger of comparing yourself to others. #mentalhealth #depression #positivity #selfcare #chronicillness

    The Dangers of Comparing Yourself to Others

    The truth is, I have always been comparing myself to other people. I don’t know if that makes me different or if everyone else does the same thing. It has just always seemed like everyone had the things that I didn’t have and those things seemed to make them special.…

  • Finding the other side of Depression takes a lot of hard work but it is work it! By making a plan, utilizing medications and learning what works for you, you can find the other side of depression! Here is how I found it! #Depression #MentalHealth

    Finding the Other Side of Depression

    For over 15 years, I allowed depression to slowly eat away at my life. I focused on the negative things that happened to me. Those hurts were my excuse to be a victim and my reason for not trying. After all of those years of pain, I found that finding…

  • To set yourself on fire is a metaphor for sacrificing yourself or to diminish your self worth for the sake of others. #MentalHealth #PeoplePleaser #SelfEsteem #ToxicRelationships

    Stop Setting Yourself on Fire!

    Have you ever come across a quote and have it stick in your mind? That recently happened to me and I couldn’t stop thinking about its meaning and life application. For days, I contemplated this quote and its meaning. What does it even mean to set yourself on fire?

  • The struggles of Chronic Illness can affect your mental health in a negative way. It is important to recognize the symptoms of depression and seek help when you need to. #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #Depression #Anxiety

    Mental Health and Chronic Illness

    Fighting a Chronic Illness is hard work! It doesn’t matter if your battle is against Lupus, MS, ME/CFS, Chronic Migraine, fibromyalgia…the list could go on and on. The honest truth is that the battles are real, the battles are life-altering and the battles are not easy and can have long…

  • Changes in diet, lifestyle and environment can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder. #SAD #MentalHealth #WinterBlues

    Easing Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms

    Right now, the United States is facing a brutal cold spell that even has the Postal Service suspending deliveries in some areas. It is time for some with Seasonal Affective Disorder to experience what is called the Winter Blues. What is Seasonal Affective Disorder? According the Mayo.com, “Seasonal affective disorder…

  • Severe procrastination can make things seem so out of control and can lead to physical and mental health issues. #Procrastination #MentalHealth

    The Trap of Procrastination

    Why do today what you can put off tomorrow? That is a comical saying that I have heard several times through the years. It sounds kind of silly but many people, like myself, fall into the trap of procrastination. Trap of Procrastination There are many reasons that someone may put…