• The Wall is that place at the end of your energy. It is something that you never want to crash in to. Here are some ways to avoid the crash! #ChronicIllness #Energy

    What Does Your Wall Look Like?

    What is a wall? It is that ugly thing at the end of your energy. You do not have to have a chronic illness to have one because no one has endless amounts of energy. Sometimes getting ready for the day (showering, brushing hair and teeth, getting dressed, etc.) slams me right into it. Then there are days that I actually have enough energy left to get out of the house. And yes, some days I wake up and I am mere inches from that wall.

  • Using the energy you do have in strategic ways will allow you to get more accomplished. #ChronicIllness #Exhaustion

    Getting the Most of the Energy You Have

    Most people can relate to there being too many days left at the end of a paycheck. When you are in that situation, you have to pinch every penny to make it to the next payday. It is very similar when you have a chronic illness and you have too many hours left after the end of the energy.  Planning is the most important part of making the most out of the energy that you have. Nothing is worse than running out of energy. When I hit my wall, it is not pretty and always includes a physical collapse and hours of recovery.  Getting the Most Out of the Energy…